Monday night gabble abt currently planned fashion events held in Krasnodar

Hi, my dear friends! Missed me? Don't answer, I know you did. Me too.

Curious what I had for dinner today?

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This is all healthy and salubrious, innit?

All I need is to start doing exercises to live in harmony with myself. And I guess the only thing which can influence me so that I decided to go to the gym is a new sexy hot top BFF, preferably having a citizenship of the Central European part, and a generously tanned skin who goes to the gym on a regular basis himself. hey-hoy...where are you, my scrawny puffy #ss is waiting for your big comliments?

Unfortunately, my photo-session f#cked up yesterday because of the rain. But screw it! I'll have more sunny days later, besides my mom and my younger brother are going to come visit me. Gawd, that's saddening, but I haven't seen my mommy since last year, and my brother for godknowshowmanyyears ago (for 3 years or so) I suppose. If only you knew how much I miss my adorable familia. I wish the 7th of May comes the sooner the better. But my "Only for blond bimbos" diary says that I'm gonna have quite a busy week, that means they'll arrive by my place before I can say Jack Robinson knife Goyard tote bag that I want badly till it's out of fashion (luckily it's never out of fashion!).

Tomorrow I'll have to fix two meetings. Me and my French students had planned to organize our personal Festival de Cannes aka a 'French film day' by the end of the week too.

BTW, have you seen one of my beautiful Muses - Kristina Bazan - at Cannes the other day shining brightly in the most chic Chopard's diamonds I've ever seen. Just have a look at her Instagram. I'd die for those precious stones on my wrists. So how can you call me a fashion victim if I'm not still purchasing Chopard jewels, Ellie Saab & Dior dresses day after day? I'm obviously not! No, I can't be so jealous. No, no, no...I'm an angel itself! Ain't I?

Okay...revenons a nos chinchillah!-s.

There will be a "Free prose night" in my favourite loft bar aka expo - center of modern art aka museum aka place for idle vagabonds "Chill Angart" on Thursday. I'd like to join the event. But I don't know yet whether I'll be able to go or not coz I have nothing appropriate to wear.

Nevertheless, Friday is my 'turnintoparishilton' night, coz I'm going to go to two fashion events. I must admit, it doesn't happen very often when they organize events which are worth visiting here in the land of horrible taxi drivers. I'd say that worthy events don't take place here at all, comparing to the variety of such ones in Paris, Madrid or even in Moscow.

Diesel are going to launch a "Rock star" party at their store on Mira St. Click here for more details. The only thing you should do to get the ROCK STAR LOOK award is to reshape and glamorize one of your old and shabby outfits by Diesel and post a picture on Instagram tagged #TRANFORMEDDIESEL.

Then come to the party on the 30th of May at 21:00 PM and go back home with a prize in your hands. It's easy as a pie. I'm sure there will be lots of fun over there.

If it's too early you can join me later at Gallery Krasnodar, I'll be there at 23:00 PM on the 3rd floor. There will be another event organized by "KrasniyPes". They promised Ivakhova Marine's show with a DJ Viento's set (I have no idea who they are either though, but let's live & see).

On Saturday there will be a "Fashion Time" party at "Platinum". For I've been a huge fan of the Fashion Time mag for years, I can't help but going. I'm going all alone, but if you want to join me - contact me via e-mail. Let's have fun together.

That's all for tonight now. I love y'all. Waiting for your replies! Bisous...

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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