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© 2014 Maurice Chabale

Hello, my dear reader! I know it's been a long time since the last time I blogged, but I decided to take a little break for we Russians have been twisted by an assembly of HOLIdays and celebrations of all sorts for a couple of weeks. I thought it'll be better to put things together and throw them up at once than to post boring entries one by one. 
But first things first.
On the 27th of December me & my BFF celebrated his birthday. But I had faced a trivial problem of what to give. I had been aimlesly rambling through the shopping malls for hours till I got two gift cards from H&M (mine is pale green labelled "With love from") and L'Etoile,  so that he could choose something for himself without making me make a choice. Worship my wisdom, b#tches. LOL
Then we went to a very nice restaurant and had all that sweet mushy - mushy time together with flowers & candles and so on. Unfortunately, I didn't take photos there. 
I had to leave earlier cause there was a poetry contest which had been organized for Skillset students.  I was performing there too. That's a very nice language center for those who love English and want to improve their language skills for the better. I know my English is crap. It's something between one spoken by a taxi driver from Borneo and one by a Vietnamese model who's just come to London Fashion Week for the first  time. Do ya know any models from Vietnam, btw? Choose your favourites at Vietnam Next Top Model's website. say hello to Tyra Banks, she's adorable!!! 
So we had much fun. Students presented their poems. Even MOI, I had to perform. But you know,  I become a stupid blond when it comes to a public speech. Nevertheless,  I have to train my oral  oratorical skills for  I'd be able to perform in front of hoardes of fashionistas one day, so I performed a poem by Walt Whitman, one of the greatest American poets.

All together: 

Fast-anchor'd eternal O love! O woman I love! O bride! O wife! more resistless than I can tell, the thought of you! Then separate, as disembodied or another born, Ethereal, the last athletic reality, my consolation, I ascend, I float in the regions of your love O man, O sharer of my roving life.

© Walt Whitman

I was not so bad in reciting though.   But don't curse me because of my look. I know my hair is mess, but I'm trying to grow 'em. Be tolerant!

Shirt, vest, trousers (all by Elena Lichutine), Jacket (Arkhangelsk sewing factory "Union"), sneakers (by T. Taccardi), belt (by Energie)

What else? On the 1st of May we celebrate a May Day which coincides with International Workers' Day. 
I didn't go out. I just wanted to relax. I didn't do anything but reading, surfing the Internet, listening to music. 
I also subscribed to Lana Del Ray VEVO channel on Youtube,  where I could find some nice videos. One of them was by The 1975 called "Robbers". This is so inspiring: 

The end of the day was just awesome. I actually don't take a bath coz I'm a shower boy. But this day was exceptional. I put some sea salt with a peach scent into a bathtub and I felt like in paradise.

Two days later me and my friends from Turkey spent the whole day together. 
Once we had agreed to meet to go to listen to organ so we did it the day before yesterday. 
Here are some pictures from the event: 

 Love the background!

Trousers (vintage), sneakers (by T. Taccardi), shirt (H&M), leather backpack (P. Patrici for KARI), raincoat (Kangol), eye-glasses (Red Rose), camera  (Samsung i7/Landiao i7)

At the backstage....

 Stained glass is extraordinary amazing there!

Shirt (H&M), woolen "herring - bone' top (by Elena Lichutin)

YES, classics are obviously  in trend!

I didn't want to say good - bye after the concert had finished, so I said: "There is an exhibition in my favourite loft - center "Typography" held by the 'Recycle' group. I heard they're worth seeing. Why don't we go there?". Luckily my friends agreed to join me. The loft was not so far from the organ place so it didn't take a long time to get there. We were discussing politics and that stupid war in Ukraine while we were walking. Time flies so here we are at 'Typography'. 

 Bender, Bender, Bender, Bender (© 2014 Recycle group ), - this is the only name I remember. Sorry.

That's my favourite piece of art.

'Don't touch art with your hands!' situation.

I wish we had such bins all around the city here in the land of ugly trashbins.

God with an i-Pod

 Say you love me!!!

 This guy was like he was about to open his eyes and scary mу in face..So weird he is...

Shine bright like a diamond....

 This picture is not by the Recycle group,  but I just love the fashion attitude.

Funny, innit?

 MOI & Bender, Bender, Bender, Bender

Here is a video about their production ceremony projected on the wall:

Then we had dinner at Yakitoriya - a Japanese restaurant in the city center (they wanted to drive me to KFC, I resisted!!!!). I ordered salmon and rice, and a glass of Japanese beer. It was very delicious. Love the atmosphere over there! 

The very next day was a shopping day. I visited all the interior salons in da city for every time I buy something for my new apartment I'm obliged to do it in a rush which I hate. All because of my worker who helps me with delivering and accounting  for materials. So I decided to go there beforehand to choose a sink, a floor covering for my kitchen, some tiles for the walls and some other random things. After shopping I dropped into ProBeshka cafe or something where they serve a very very very very very  tasty drink di ippofae (which means a 'sea-buckthorn' in English).

It's neVAR late to have  a COCKtail!!!

 Inside ProBeshka....

BTW, I bought myself new sun glasses. Dew like them?

 I'll probably post a special entry to ask for your advice about the materials, if you don't mind, please. But later...
It's 6 o'clock in the morning but I haven't slept a wink yet. 
I hope you enjoyed this post. I'll appreciate your comments about it down there in the comments line.  Keep waiting for the other long entries....I love y'all!!!!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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