I am so grateful to my beloved Pascal Grob (a blogger behind Fashion Bits & Bobs) who unconciously opened a new world of SVPPLY  to me. 
I'm at a loss of words, I'm so excited about it, that's why I find it reasonable to cite Pascal himself: "It is service where you can bookmark and find things found in online shops and retail sites".
Yay! There is one more  online  location for a good fashion spree's sake where I can satisfy ego with the ultimate clothes. God, it's 100 times better than porn! 
I have just joined this amazing website and created my own account there (Join!). I've spent hours browsing the site and choosing fashionable garments I like from all over the globe.
The first collection I created is called "Summer 2014 by Maurice Chabale" and the clothes I had chosen for it is aimed to put my taste and vision around on the upcoming summer season together.  
Looking at the outcome I start to think  that my newly born seasonal  inspiration  is based on random things: first of all it's lace, Asia, India, then  - Arabic culture, transparent fabrics (chiffon), prints, black & white, nature, national costumes, uniforms. A FASHfortune teller inside MOI tells me that all these things will become trends in the spring/summer 2015 season,  as I've always had a keen sense of prediction of trends. You may ask my miserable messmates if you find 'em, they'll approve that whenever I had put on something new at school, there used to be some copycats who imitated my style. 
But live & see. All I want to do now is to get some diamond rings by Chopard share my inspiration with you, my lovely fashion kitties. I'm posting only a small part of my outfits on my blog, you'll find the whole collection (which is going to be updated on a regular basis) here. Just KLIKit. 
One of my favourite pieces is that Polygraph Long Sleeve Shirt from Lazyoaf

I hope you have found something useful for you too. Let me know what exactly. Don't get blue. I love y'all.

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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