They kicked my #ss over there

Is it a beautiful place? Yes. But I hate it the most at the moment! Do you know what's happened here? I was on my way to Ivakhova Marine's show two hours ago, as I had planned it the other day. I didn't expect it was going to start after midnight though. But I had called the manager of Krasniy Pes. She gave me some instructions about the best time to come to get the best seats, but she had forgotten about security guards who crossed my way at the entrance. And they asked me WHAT? My PASSPORT!

Sh#t it flatters me from one hand, but from the other hand, they kicked my #ss by that asking! I was p#ssed off! I had spent two hours to save time to go to the show for the moment! I arrived earlier for an hour or so. But the bastards didn't let me in, as a result! I took a taxi and rushed home coz the show was going to start in an hour. I thought it was for the better, for I wanted to change my clothes too, cause the guards had been staring at me like lions usually look at a mouse they're going to eat in a second.

But when at home, I felt so relaxed, I poured some green tea in a cup, and started to blog. This is my last entry for tonight, and I'm dying of being exhausted! See you tomorrow, loves! Happy weekends!

P.S: I've got new friends from St. Petersburg! They are in Krasnodar! So, I've promised to show them around tomorrow!
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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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