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 watch (Tissot)

My friends from Mint & Lolly, a gorgeous jewelry store shipping their beautiful stuff worldwide kindly added me in their Best fashion bloggers List the other day, and I got inspired by accessories.

So I bought myself a genuine watch by Tissot! I'm so happy. It's true when they say that buying something not counterfeit is not comparable to the feeling when you buy genuine things. The latter is 100% better!

Look at the photo above. I shot the watch with a can of coke I've drunk for lunch (this is my new diet to get fit), and whenever I look at the pic I think of two things:

1) Who's gonna get me tickets to Brazil coz I've got beautiful eyes? (I know there are some generous mommies and daddies among my readers who'd love to spend 5 hot days in June in the land of sexy street rapists freedom and the World Cut 2014). I promise to be a good boy. And I promise not to be a fat boy. I'll be several pounds slimmer than I am now, and I'm gonna shine and be fabulous so that you could be proud of MOI!!!

2) Ain't I a genius photographer? If I had a camera like Hasselblad H2D or at least Canon EOS 1Ds, I would be much better in taking pictures. That's evident. But I don't want to become the second Scott Schuman whom I adore! Scott is my god. I literally pray to his works when I open my Instagram every morning and I say: "Oh Father, bless me with new inspirations for the upcoming 24 hours..." and Scott's pictures keep silent like notable icons. That's pure perfection!

Just have a look at the watch again and say that you like 'em! I love y'all, have a wonderful day, you my fashion polyglots!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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