Too much for one single day....

Hello, bros & sistahhhs. Are you doing  good? Just hopefully better than me I guess ....
Never ever wear f#cking unconfortable shoes, do it only in case they are Louboutins.  Mine are not, unfortunately, that's why I had to spent the entire day wearing my  leather sneakers  (the label isn't worth mentioning) and by the end of the day they've turned to the real nightmare like a Spanish boot if you know what I mean. 
My feet hurt like hell now. A bathtub with rose flowers,  anyone?
But I'm satisfied with the fact I could do so many things. Check it: I bought new bathroom furniture, I dropped quickly by my appartment, I went to the middle of nowhere to congratulate my friend, she's thrown a birthday party.


It happened by pure occasion. I mean I'd had an idea of buying the furniture before, but I didn't mean to buy it today.  I was moving back home, and I noticed a plumbing center. Actually,  it was a huge factory selling all those chic wholesale and retail sale stuff for bathrooms. I could find the world's leading plumbing and sanitation manufacturers' products there like: acrylic baths with hydro-massage, shower stalls with Turkish bath and Scottish shower, bidets and toilets, faucets and even SPA mini-swimming pools. Pure luxury, ah? My poor sight identified the furniture labelled MADE IN FRANCE (written in Russian), of course. I'm sure there is another label somewhere which screams MADE IN CHINA though. But f#ck it. Noone will check the label, coz there are no any label wh#res like me among my friends or members of my family. I liked its design. I'm looking forward to getting it. I paid for home delivery, they'll bring it next Friday. Their service was good. A shop assistant treated me like a king , I even forgot about his repulsive  messy look and bad smell dribbling from his mouth (No, I didn't kiss him. Neither did he. I was a good boy, he was just sitting too close to me). 
Then I thought: "Why should I wait for the next time to buy  wall papers, let's do it right now?!" If a shopping bug once bit you, you can hardly resist. God, I hate shopping for the home stuff though. I spent hours in the salon  which was next door by the way. I was rushing from Versace to Brewster Home fashions and backwards again. They hadn't got the colour I needed (read I hadn't got enough cash on MOI), that's why I bought something which isn't worth mentioning, coz I even don't remember the name of the brand. Believe me, I'm good at remembering brand names. I am as good at brands,  as I'm bad at remembering people's names.
So don't get pissed on me if I keep asking your name for several times during the day. Just remember, I'll do it better next day.
So I need to buy only laminated floors, a faucet,  order ceilings and the first out of three rounds of hell (the travaux d'achèvement) will be  over.


I made a back & forth trip to my new apartment. I haven't been there for ages. So how amazed I was to discover that they had started a new construction nearby called "Britain". Now the whole Europe is gonna move to Krasnodar, hope they will place new Galleries Laffayette there just in case.
The worst thing is that I've never checked what  my workers did,  cause I trusted them. They said to me earlier that they had finished making floors which was actually true.  I should have checked them probably. Cause when I entered the room, I found out that it looked too light for me. I mean it's good when your room is light coz the lighter it is, the more spacious it looks like. But there was another picture in my head, so now I'll have to replay it to match everything all right. For example,  I'll have to say no to a plush baroque sofa (I saw it last month) cause it will obviously be out of place.
The best thing is about the rural area where my house is situated:
I'm gonna become Marie Antoinnette soon, just  the same Marie Antoinnette at the moment when she felt so happy after they had built the Tuilerie for her. I've taken some photos but they are of a terrible quality, that's why I borrowed one from Yandex. Just look how green the place is:

Photo via Yandex 


I went to my friend's birthday. I was late for about one hour & a half already. But as it always happens to one who's late, things become too slow immediately. We were stuck in a traffic jam, my driver couldn't find a place to park,  then I couldn't find a flower stand to buy flowers. Everything is closed at 19:30 in the land of shop - assistants who like informing you that's 'this is "girlish"' when you try to choose unisex something.
That was such an  embarrassing moment I must admit.
Stupid illiterate wh#res. I guess it will take ages to make them think differently, and engrave in their heads and the heads of their type, that it doesn't matter what you wear. Gender is just one of the conventionalities accepted in a society. I wanna wear whatever I want!
I got to the party when everything was in full swing. I had to catch up quickly, drank too much, ate too little, that's why I guess, I got a terrible headache so quickly at the same time. I apologised and left at around 23-00 o'clock. Now I'm at home drinking kefir.
I was wearing  a striped shirt, grey trousers, black leather sneakers,  - all cheap and unlabelled except H&M sun-glasses.
I forgot:  I wore a metallic clutch by TERRANOVA. This is my favourite shop where they sell casual clothes in Krasnodar BTW!
And I saw three guys who started to follow me. They had their heads shaved bald. I know this is my fetish, but it's still scary to be followed by three skinheads in the middle of the night, you know. And I wouldn't like to be assasinated by poor bastards. So I rushed in home, luckily I'm safe and still beautiful now. Send me some kissing and gangbanging emoticons. Lova - lova to everyone of you!!!


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