Zara Store in the 'Gallery Krasnodar'

Zara is one of those places where you could spend hours without being tired. Shopping there is pleasuresque, cause whatever you choose there, you'll like it anyway.

There were two reasons why I popped by the Gallery Krasnodar. Firstly, I needed to buy something for my aunt, she's got a birthday today. Secondly, I need to get something to mom, cause her birthday is two days later. She asked for a bag, but I can't choose any respectable bag in our cesspit aka Krasnodar. When I say a respectable bag I mean three bags: "Birkin" by Hermes, "Daphne" by Jason Wu Studio, "Chanel 2:55" by Maison Chanel cause we don't have the original bags here at all!!!! I know my mom deserves to possess only respectable bags, but unfortunaletly her son is not born a gigolo, or a pander, that's why he can't afford 'em.

I guess I'll handle this little prob. (No, I'm not going to sell my liver on a black market). LOL

Neverthelesss, I could buy something for my beloved aunt.

I know, this is not Chanel #5, but it smells devine too!

Zara "White rose" perfume, a bracelet I bought in a second-hand shop (looks like real Hermes)

When I was choosing a bag for my mother, I saw lots of gorgeous ZARA footwear pieces which immediately relocated into my WISHLIST in less than no time. Let's count together: 

#1 Metallic -  striped sandals (1499 RUB)

# 2 Ethnic sandals (1999RUB)

# 3 Crossed Bio snake leather printed sandals (3799RUB)

# 4 Shoes on a platform

If you are good at maths, you'll guess that all oа these four cuties will make less in total than one pair of shoes by PRADA. Till you're poor, you have to choose between quality and quantity, So I'll prefer four to one for the moment. Will update tmrw. Bisous!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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