1000 000 doll-ah BAUBLE! 

Hands - off Ri-Ri! She's not vulgur at all, she's beautiful!!!!

Ri-Ri wearing Adam Selman's dress. Source: taconesasesinos

If you have a look at Adam Selman's Tumblr you'll easily understand that Rihanna & Mr. Selman have had long - lasting relationships. And they are really productive in terms of creativity. It seems that she's been wearing his dresses since Rome had been burnt by Neron. It's obvious that Selman is absolutely 'her designer', like, for instance, Peter Jensen or John Galliano are 'my designers' if only I could possess their outfits in real. She always looks stunning in his gobsmacked attires.
Just look:

Photos are uploaded via Adam Selman's Tumblr
P.S: If I, let's suppose it, could assist at the host dinner at Elysee Palace with Francois Hollande & Vladimir Putin today, I would be wearing Adam Selman's dress too, for sure! Nothing can be more
épatant, right? But f#ck wishful babbles, it'll hardly ever happen though! 


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