As I promised. For you...

Hello, darlings! 
As I promised I'm back. And I've got something for you. But let me procrastinate a bit before I splash my weekly visual diary's inside out. I've spent a wonderful week with my family. We get on well together and I'm happy as a pig in mud. 
I don't give a sh#t what people say when I behave like a little child: I  never feel so self-confident as when I'm with people I love (I guess it can be easily mentioned in the photos below). And I think that I should work it out at weekdays too, cause one worries too much about people's opinion when he/she dresses up "too brighly", "too feminine/masculine", too whatsoever. 
But come on...Thanks god, we don't live in the country where they  stone you to death just because of the way you look. Russia is not the safest place on Earth, but I think  that a greater extension of liberty depends on all of us - people! I'm sure that till it doesn't trespasses one's personal space or crime legislation, nobody can say you a word. Yesterday me and my mom discussed this question in detail and we'd  hardly had an argument cause she blamed my "childish appearance" in some issues. For example, that some people don't take me serious just because I look like nothing but a 15-year old teenager. I'm absolutely sure that people who think so or subscribe to the opinion that people's appearance but not  people's deeds matter are completely wrong. Maybe I can't change it, may be it's true, but I don't give a f#ck. I'm living my life and I'm able to surround myself with people who love me and who need me. Let the rest rot in a dust-heap. 
Ignore my negative statement, I'm happy nevertheless. 
There is one more reason why it's that despite my 'familia d'horreur' has come. 
The summer has come at last, and it's brought thousands of little pleasures which complete you life to the fullest. 
Something like that, for instance. Click click click NEXT:

# 1 Eating strawberries (EVERY DAY!!!!)

#2 Enjoying blossoming flowers of all sorts

# 3 Playing basketball in the yard (Okay, just pretending you play basketball) LOL 

And, finally, wearing your favourite summer clothes:

(I know that my heaps are enormous, keep silent, plz)

I know I look old on this peek

 I love my dwarf-like ears. My beautician is in Goa, b#tch!

I've unpacked my fav TERRANOVA skull sneakers that I decorated with crystals last summer. I love them!!!

My hairstylist is in Goa too, bastard!

Tribord shorts, Zara long sleeved top

Hold on some unchategorized photos:

 Guess what's our age gap between MOI & my brother and I'll get you a top designed by MOIself and tailored by my mom for FREE.
E-mail when you're ready.

 His legs are jsut to die for, aren't they?

 Really angry bird:

 I love the architecture in Krasno:

 Forget what I've just said abt the way you look. Appearance doesn't matter when you look beautiful, if you look like that chick it means you probably committed a crime! Fashion police ifficer is watching you, b#tch!!!

My brotheR's been playing basketball for 2 years and he's succeededin this game indeed! I think that everything is fair. My mom's a lucky woman. She's got two sons. One of them is obsessed with clothes, the other one is obsessed with sports. BTW she had been waiting for a girl when I was conceived. Love your children whoevever they are! 

When my beloved mommy landed here in Krasnodar, she immediately started to google adresses of the nearest vintage shops which she's obsessed with badly. Here's one of her best windfalls.

I'd like you to share your best moments of the summer season with me too. It's a fashion blog, so let's make it easier for you, and limit the range of topics to just one - My fashionable summer 2014.  E-mail me so that I could choose one of the best. Don't forget to title your photo "Fashionable summer 2014 for MAURICECABALE". The winner will get a top made by MOIself too.  See you later...I love y'all. Happy weekend!!! 


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