Disconnected from the world

Me and my 'familia d'enfer' are currently staying at my apartment where there is no internet connection. I mean AT ALL!!!! This is a VERY remote place and I can't contact anybody either through wi-fi or through  a wired connection, either in or out. Sh#t. Get me some morphine. I'm badly suffering from that internet addiction syndrome or whatchemcallit.  I've just dropped by my favourite UNI pizza place, where they have a free wi-fi to drop you a line here.
While I'm recovering from my sickness,  I suggest you to have a look at some peeks we made today in the morning outside my home on the second day of my parents' arrival. 

I promise I'll have been back by the end of the week with a sh#tload of photos and procrastination at its finest. Stay tuned. I love y'all. 


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