Happy weekends, fashion folks: I'm fading!

Rose cotton shirt (Zara Men), white cotton pants (New Man), new issue of Interview Russia mag

Just another week is coming to an end. So I'm looking forward to my days-off (which are typically on Friday & on Sunday). 
I'm literally fading (like on the photo above) because of being extremely tired! That's been a really tiring week!!!!  I'll have to be a really good time - manager this time for I'm able to save some time not only for current affairs, but for myself. 
So my morning (which is in abt 7 hours or so) is a 'paying the bill' time.  In the afternoon I'm meeting my foreman. He promised  to help me to change wallpapers I bought two weeks ago MYSELF (!), cause the b#tches from "Oboiny Dom" ('The Wallpaper House') sell b#llsh@t. I thought that if they sell authentic 'Versace' & 'Cavalli' wallpapers there, it must be a really good place. But I was wrong. God, how wrong was I. The foreman called me today and said that he couldn't attach the wallpapers to the walls, he had tried to change the wallapaper paste, but it didn't help. It's been already more than 14 days passed since the moment I bought them, so I doubt that they'll give me my money back. But I won't deprive myself from a little pleasure to get on their nerves, just in case. Welcome Chabale-fisent from hell! (BTW, what do you think about Maleficent? E-mail me, please, I'm having second thoughts about this movie).
I'm also going to buy a new sofa tmrw. My familia montreuse (a part of it, actually) is coming on Saturday night, I can't let them sleep on the floor (I wish I could teach my mom a lesson by doing that. She had insisted on staying at my little sweet home nest, not at a hotel, or at the place I'm currently staying at despite the fact she's aware of all the renovation works being in full swing there).  Also she promised to throw my laptop out of a window if I dare to stay awake at midnight. Don't get her wrong, She isn't that cruel, she just thinks about my health more than MOIself. She also wants to come and leave my 14-year old brother at my place for a month!!!! OMG! I'll agree if she buys me a beauty treatment piece  from Chanel or La Prairie. 
No sip martinis, no parties in France, you better work b#tch! Ha-ha....
So, stay tuned! And happy pervert weekends to all of you, either bad or good, either ugly or beautiful. I'm off to listen to the new 50 Cent's album  - "Animal Ambition" and read the new issue of "Interview" magazine. (I'm a huge fan of its editor-in-chief Alyona Doletskaya and you know it). My fav track on the album is "Winners circle", BTW. Sing with me:

Are you ready to win?
Come join the winners circle
Put up your hands for me, baby
And do it like we're supposed to
Cause we're gonna win

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Maurice Chabale


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