How I spent Children's Day: photo galore

Shades (H&M),  blue cotton pants (H&M), plain knitted top (La Redoute), taut leather clutch (E. Zegna), tablet (Explay)

I've prepared  a photo report on the event held  in  "Литературный музей Кубани" (Kuban Museum of Litterature). My French students joined me and we went to the museum to get acquainted with the expostion called "Le monde des enfants" (The Children's World). And it wasn't on purpose that we came there on the 1st of June when we celebrate Children's Day in Russia. I rememebered about it only after we'd left the museum.  We had bought three tickets to go to this exposition, but luckily, the curators of the museum invited us to visit the second exposition too which took place next door. 
And I was obsessed by all the vintage things exposed there. I become really frantic when it comes to material things which have their own history and they are unique by nature. Click 'Next' button to see more photos

This uniform was worn by women who went to the institution similar to the charm school in St. Petersburg, but the one wasn't there, but  here in the Kuban region.  

 'Royal' printing press:

This patchwork attire of a khan is in trend. Our eastern ancestors knew how to make things stylish. Inspired by it, I've found lots of outfits made in patchwork technique on

 Guess who? And I'll give you a long high - quality blowjob  kiss on your cheek.

 This family tree is of a Kuban ataman whose name I failed to remember unfortunately, but it looks extremely beautiful. I'd like to have the same one framed and hung on my walls at home. Please, report me about some good organizations you know which are bound on recreating family trees for I'd like to know more about my poor ancestors, maybe they will find one with blue blood in veins of some of my in-laws. There must be an explanation to my sick obsession with luxury goods, money, and everything which has a value at some extent

This a bit renovated but still shabby teddy bear is more than 100 y.o., if our curator is to be trusted. It belonged to her grand-grand mother. That's amazing how some objects you remember used to be part of your daily routine not so long time ago and they've  made such a short leap from those times to the shelves in some modern museums.

A golden pony: 

I have long term love relationships with photography, that's why I try to visit as more photo exhibitions as possible, and I always check up the latest updates on websites which relate to professional photography.
So I've been obsessed by the following portraits:

 I even took some art  peeks by myself: some inside the museum and some when we went for a stroll along the river side :


P.S: Please, if you copy photos you like and post them somewhere, don't forget to set a link referring to my blog. Let's respect each other and each other's content property PLEASE! 


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