Resort 2015 Collections: KTZ

I couldn't stay aside of all that buzz around lots of posts on Instagram which depicted Resort 2015 Collections. So I googled immediately and chose my favourite resort show by KTZ.
Bravo, Marjan Pejoski! You've become my greatest inspiration for the current week. I'm your big fan since now. Actually, I was your fan long before this collection, if only I knew that you'd created a swan tulle dress for my favourite singer Bjork earlier?!  I'm all for Marjan's Macedocian gladiators whom he let smite the audience with splender who was looking at the catwalk in amazement. Models were wearing increadible tatooed tunics and absolutely divine gladiator-esque footwear. I can't wear most  of the outfits, cause they are as it's evident,  tailored not for tiny princesses but for steroid - bound muscle marries which is good! I love it! 
My favourite pieces of the collection include a printed oriental sleevless top and loose shorts which look like a skirt: 

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Monumental necklace and gladiator boots with an open top: 

This bomber: 

Orange & black color mix: 

This pailletted sleeveless top: 
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