What's new chez vous? 

I've got preeeeeetty much on my plate for you, my dear friends! 
First, yesterday my 'familia d'enfer' left which is sad though. Unfortunately,  I couldn't have spent much time with my most beloved people because of work overload, but the time we spent together was the happiest moment in my lifetime. And they promised to come back in September, so it won't take us long to wait for the next warm and hearty welcome. 
Look at what we did and how we spent time together, the pictures  below tell their own story though. 

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Cycling has always been one of those sports activities that I really enjoy. Actually this is the only one I enjoy. LOL 
You know my attitude to sports. We are not best friends indeed. I'd say our relationships are more than cool. I'm too lazy for doing sport and I'd better be an observer than a participant. But as a matter of fact, recently I've been too lazy for being the observer too in case I wouldn't have skipped all dat jazz around FIFA 2015 in Brazil. Thanks to Stefano Gabbana and Naomi Campbell who keep me informed on a daily basis posting photos on INSTAGRAM about what's going on in the land of hot bodies of Copacabana. 
MOI and my younger monster  brother were walking along Krasnaya street last weekend and all we saw were a load of cyclists who were about to sweep us off our feet. The same idea to rent a bike came to us immediately. 
So we found the nearest BIKE RENTAL and got two bikes. The last time I rid a bike was back two years ago (gosh, time flies!) and I really enjoyed it, but the bikes were not so good. As for the current bikes we took I can say they were the best I ever had in my lifetime. if you swing by the rental place be careful, they claim your passport for using a bike, and charge you around 350 RUB (less than 10$) per hour. But pleasure you'll get is worth the thing. 
I could change speed using twelve different  speed categories while the warm wind was blowing into my face and I felt really happy. We even played leap-frog while cycling. That was fun. All people around were rushing aside when I, screaming like a mad man, tried to hit my brother with my hand. But then we stopped when I saw the golden domes of  my favourite Alexander Nevsky's Cathedral. God, I love this place. Whenever I'm depressed I come here and everything bad's gone out of my head. That is really therapeutic. 

Don't look at my fat arse. I look like J. Lo in skinnies. BTW on this photo I'm wearing my favourite skinny cotton pants by H&M, white tank top I bought last year in a very cheap shop which is called "OBNOVKA". This is a really cool place if we ignore the fact that only Adygei people and low class fashionistas (like MOI) buy clothes there. I don't mind it though.  F#ck it. It really doesn't matter where you buy something good if it's really good and if you look good wearing this or that outfit. And, of course, my ubiquent faux leather rucksack by Daniel Patrici and H&M espadrilles were with me. And my hairstylist is still in Goa, b#tch!!! That's why my hair is a mess...

We rented our bikes for an hour, but after our time limit had been over we decided to take one more hour to cycle a bit more. We cycled far in the woods being led by a strange noise which insistingly was coming from the river side. The noise was being made by a group of bike ravers (what we got known later) who evidently had a sports battle or I dunno, something like that. The atmosphere was enjoyable and it all smelled like hot male testesterone galore cause the ravers were all under pubertant age. I don't care though! I hate teenagers! I mean I don't hate them like I hate queues in a supermarket,  for example, but I just don't pay attention to them whenever I go. AT ALL! they don't exist...I'm all for men in their mid-thirties. You know that better without me!

You know what?  Krasnodar is sometimes charming not because of its special atmosphere, but mostly because of its naive provincial spirit the local people are full of.
There was an event held in honour of homeless children that my camera eye spotted in the city center area. And there was a man on the stage who was speaking  in public for an hour and a half and once he said  a  phrase which choked my ability to be amazed forever cause what he said was more than amazing and a bit hilarious. That's what he said, pardon my French, but:  "I've always tried to be helpful to my big family. I've got five children (*people's deep sighs*). And once I thought that I have to make something which my children would be proud of when they grow up. So I went for a year- long trip around our huge Motherland to write a book" and blah blah blah.
I didn't care anymore what he was talking about later cause his last phrase shot me in head. How one can be proud of a lazy - bone bastard who left his family for friggin' 365 days which seem like eternity, I'm sure they would prefer him to stay cause they need a bread-winner every day not once a year! That's so foolish of him... I hope nobody buys his book.
But frankly speaking, I don't give a sh#t. Let them buy the sh#t. In case the bastard's  foolishness may pay the bills.

That's what caused my belly and my fat arse. Blame my mom, but I just couldn't resist when faced these gorgeously smelling pancakes with a jar of strawberry jam. yum....Lick my balls if you envy me...

I bought a box of puzzles for my brother on New Year 's Eve last year. Hardly had I known that the 14 Y.O monster had already had petting & cuddling things with a stupid chick who's 3 years older than him in my parents' bed and the last thing he needed was damn puzzles. Screw it was Van Gogh's picture copy.

So I woke up early in the morning cause I had insomnia and started to put those puzzles together wearing my pijamas. I gave it up as a bad job after 15 minutes or so, cause it was too much for my inner blond. I'm happy that at least my mom could take a photo of MOI pretending to be Einstein which is gonna be written in the annals of the world fashion history. JK. Look at my eyes.They've never been so blue (screw the red lines around:  I've just woken up, don't forget abt it plz!). 

 I also wanted to write a huge  post dedicated to my mom's vintage garde-robe, but I failed. Blame my buzy ass for that. The only shot I made  was this one below. The skirt  is amazing. My mom could beat Anna Delllo Russo (whom I love too much) in terms of her wardrobe capacity. She's got thousand of gorgeous things I can only dream of,  which she made with her own hands which I sometimes think are made of 18K pure gold, or bought on the local Portobello-like markets she's hugely keen on.
I guess if there is a thing I'm going to inherit from my mom, I'd like it to be that ability to find great things among stocks of crap. She's a real Sherlock Holmes when it comes to cheap & chic stuff. 

Bye-bye my mom and my montrous but beloved brother. See ya in September! I hope...
 Look at what a luggage excess they've got! Even MOI, I don't travel with two huge suitcases. I'm too practical for that. I hate when I see bloggers who put their whole garde-robe's inside on a baggage carousel forcing poor baggage claimers to sweat their guts out while carryng their excess baggage from one place to another. 

Enough family-bound ramblings! 
I've got spicy news for ya! And I'm gonna be as frank with you, as possible. I'd appreciate if you give advice. 
I've  been chatting with my own Mr. Big (remember Sex & the City?) for a forghtnight, and I guess I've seriously fallen in love. It's so stupid and delusional, but I can't help it. I've already been dating with the kindest man I've ever known for a year and a half. He's kind, generous, helpful and I love him so much. But we see each other very seldom because he works in a different city. And it takes me lots of inner work to tolerate long distance realtionships, we have only two calls a day, I don't want to mention our sexual life. I've done all my best to make our relationships seem like 'normal' relationships between two people who love each other. But I'm done, really! We both have gone through many obstacles and challenges which we've been facing during the mentioned period of time. And I really don't know what to do! Love is gone...There is only huge respect which is left. I wouldn't like to lose touch with him, but I can't stand it anymore I want to live a happier life...
Frankly speaking,  it all started as a one-night stand between me and him (I hate one-night standers but this was my only exception in my life), but I dunno how it's grown into something more. I can't say this has been true love, but a wall  risen up between me & him has become much higher. We've become good friends, but I can't say that we are good lovers for each other. And one more important detail. Once he said that he's going to get married (yes, he's bisexual, I know what you think) next year anyway. And that was a dead deal for me. I can't kick his words out of my head. I understand he wants a family, and i feel like i'm an obstacle on his way! It's unbearable...
I think it's unfair to lie and keep it inside me, but I'm terrified when I think of that I'll have to say him in person that I've betrayed him and started relationships (leave alone they're online realtionships) with someone another!!! Probably, I just want to come off clear whatsoev. But I can't tell him because it's me not him who wants to be the first to break up. 
I even can't say that our relationships with Mr. Big will be successful too, I'm not a fortune- teller and I don't want to know what my life will be like in the future. I'd like it all be like a big surprise for me.
All I want is to get rid of this nagging voice inside of my head which keeps telling me that I'm the worst man living on the surface of the Earth. I want him to tell me that he understands it all and we can stay friends. He'll be supportive to me, he'll still love me. 
E-mail me what you think. I love y'all. 
Now I'm off to get my international passport cause soon I'll need it. I'm going to Istambul in July. Hurraaaaa!!! 
Stay tuned....


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