Andrej Pejic into  Andreja Pejic

What? What? What? You said what? One of my favourite male   female models who rocked  it at Jean - Paul Gaultier, John Galliano and Paul Smith cut his cock  changed his sex? Now meet Andreja Pejic in her glory! 

Photo via: Fashionman Mag

This is what Andrej   Andreja says herself about the big change in her life: 

"I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the love and support throughout the years. You’ve all helped me through this journey and I have learned a lot and really come into my own and the response to today’s announcement truly overwhelmed me and reminds me of why I chose to do this publicly.
I think we all evolve as we get older and that’s normal but I like to think that my recent transition hasn’t made me into a different individual. Same person, no difference at all just a different sex . I hope you can all understand that...
" (Andreja Pejic)

Of course, we understand you, Andreja! I love you! And I love what you do! Keep forward! Wish you all the best! 
Frankly speaking,  I'm not a fan of those guys who change sex. As for me, one can feel comfortable inside the skin given from birth. The rest is just optional. And I'm sure there are many ignorant whores like me who think the same way. But there are lots of those who are at the opposite side, they have a different point of view. And I personally respect that. It's easy to judge, but it's hard to understand a person with different views  cause we've never lived inside any other skin except ours. That's why all haters head off Andreja! Support her NOW! Beauty has no boundaries, I'm sure! Look at her. She's beautiful, no? 

Chainsmokers or Дискотека авария?

Give me a very 'XXI century' song by Chainsmokers called "Selfie" and I'll give you our 'Дискотека Авария' with their "Лайкни меня" '(Like me') song. 
I try to avoid posting any Russian-related material on my page (who the hell cares?), but I think I'd make an exception for the song which is very sticky. I've been singing it all day long and I can't stop myself. Blame this stupid Russian pop culture which is worse than pop corn. Ha-ha. I love my compatriorts though. And I'm not rasist at all! I swear! What do you think? 



Дискотека авария?

Post scriptum: My ex once said that he'd like me to have the same puffy collagen injected lips. I always knew that my lips are thin. And I've wanted new lips since my fav team behind  David & Alexander had them. So sexy. But f#ck my ex with a potato, I won't have those lips just because he wants to see me like that. Even if he paid  for the operation, I'd never torture my lips with colagen. I don't want to end up  like Nickole Ostin or worse - like my Diva Amanda Lepor (She rocks though!). I'm all for natural things (sorry, my Thai friends). What dew think?

I don't care abt what people think of me or why I Love Saint Laurent

Yesterday I ran errands and had to come back home rather late. On my way back home I saw a couple of those slipshod trash peasants,  young men who we Russians typically call "gopniki" (they are similar to Chavs, Spides & Neds in the UK). We were queueing in the same line in a shop together for some time. I wanted something cold, because we all are dying  from heat and humidity here in Krasno. It's 38 Celsius, it hasn't rained for about two weeks. And it's not funny anymore. Oh, I hate heat! Thanks God, I don't sweat and try to minimize my being under the sun. 
 So, of course, when I came in, they turned their heads to my direction and started to giggle. I'm used to people's attention. That's normal as soon as they don't invade my personal space. I know the way I look like is far from that one brutal muscle chippendales have. And what seems to be "simple" to me, to most citizens of Kuban Region seems to be "gay". And this has always been "a secret hidden behind a locked door". Why? And if so, is it so bad? 
Look! I was wearing my shades that I wore in Turkey, a plain white tank top, black satin slim trousers, and white espadrilles by H&M (I love them, they are so comfy). Okay, I also wore wooden bracelets (I know it's cheap, but it's a present from my mum). Of course, I got my pedi and mani done. Of course, my skin was shining (I put a sh#tload of "Peau parfaite 6 en 1 BB Creme sublimatrice" by Yves Rocher). So I looked neat and perfect  simple. But they still kept on giggling. And then, they started to discuss something about me, and that's a little of what my ears could identify from their whispering:

- "Не понимаю я таких педиков,  молодых людей. Браслетики, стразы, гламур...фу"
- "Смотри, еще совратит, бля... (со мной рядом стоял ребенок и орал благим матом)...Да вон тот, в белых очечках. " и пр.

- I can't understand such faggots, young guys. All their bracelets, crystals, glamour...ewww"
- "Watch him, he may seduce the babe (there was a mother with her crying son). Yeah, that one who wears white shades, that who I mean" etc. 

I wrote this in Russian and in English, but it's hard to reproduce all the humiliation their words contained in English. And oh, their fugly laugh. I was about to smack them. What? Smack? Who? Them? No, I would never ever touch one of those peasants idiots, cause I have hemophobia like Madonna has (BTW, is that true?), and queens don't fight, right?! Am I pathetic?  Ha-Ha.
One of my friends once mentioned that it would be better if such blockheads beat or killed gays rather than they mocked at them. I was about to agree with him at the moment I met my blockheads, cause they are omnipresent and it's become a habit not to pay attention to them. That's a torture.  But why should we? Okay, let it be we are more educated, we are more tolerable, we are more superior at last. But I swear to God, my patience is NOT limitless and I don't know what I'll do if one bastard says something humiliating to my direction one more time. 
I even don't have so many fingers to count incidents similar to the one I'm writing about. Once at night one bastard spitted on my back (I hope he'll burn in hell), the other bastard in a shopping mall laughed at me, some years ago a couple of school children bastards threw a phrase in a tram (yes, I sometimes use public transport. LOL) that killed me. One of them said:  "It's probably hard to be a fag" and started to laugh increasingly. I aswered: "Not that hard as to be an idiot". Ha-ha, my tongue serves me right sometimes. LOL. Shut the f#ck up. And so on, and so forth. 
My mom says I must obey social rules! Rules? What rules? I always reply that such a  punk fashion victim like I am mustn't obey peasant's any rules except those which are regulated by our official legislation system, there are no limits in fashion to me, I look the way I look, and they better obey me, cause I'm god compared to those b#tches in flip - flops and oversized jeans shorts taht they wear! Eehww, disgusting.   
I was upset and repeated curse and oath against my offenders over and over again inside my head when I left the shop. 
Do you wanna know what a joyful thing happened to me next when I came home? And how the Holy  Fashion House of  Saint Laurent is connected to the story? Click NEXT...hurry up...

So I came home, took a jar of jam and a croissant and switched on my laptop which is always on my bed right next to me cause I'm an Internet addicted b#tch, and you know it. 
I was browsing websites one after another till I came across a Fatalefashion Official YouTube Channel. And the first collection I spotted online was by YSL. It was Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 Full Fashion Show  Menswear  Exclusive, if to be exact.  I immediately clicked it and died. I started to get better immediately (who said that fashion can't be therapeutic?) and forgot about everything bad happened to me the other day and enjoyed, enjoyed every look I saw. I don't lie. Hedi Slimane, what are you doing to me? It's not even funny. Folks at YSLaurent, I know you might be reading this now, tell Mr. Slimane that I love him and his work. And please, when I once visit your boutique in Paris,  6 Place Saint-Sulpice, would someone be so kind to show me around it and allow me to take some real deal shots? Please, please, please I promise that when I get my first "big money", the first piece I'll buy will be labelled exqusitely Yves Saint Laurent. 
But let's better stop my illiterate ramblings and watch the Collection  yourself:

This is,  my friends, what I call PERFECTION! Yes or no? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. 
Clothes from a men's line screamed my name, especially those pieces which have embroidery, and oh that cherry and white striped jacket! Add some white jeans to it, and black leather shoes, voila - a little princess is ready for her hubby-to-be to get a Cartier ring on her finger. And  thanks for skinny jeans brought back to runaway. Western, rock'n'roll,  music, ponchos, fringed tops, dark and shiny palette, gold touch in accessory line, - all mixed and top styled mmmmm...SPECTACULAR! 
Did you notice that female models worked 100% better than male models did though?  But who am I to judge? Nevertheless, I liked it all. 
ATTENTION PLZ! If I once become a victim of one of any homophobic bastards (God save me! ), I want to wear YSL when my last day on Earth comes. *joke*joke*. 
Check out the new collection in Mr. Porter, and, of course, check out their Spring Summer 2014 women's line at YSL Official. Don't obey the rules, save your money and get more splendid clothes! 

Yours faithfully,
Maurice Chabale

95 000 $ for a FRONT ROW seat? 

Now everyone can see every stitch on a dress made by Miu Miu, G. Armani or Fendi. The only BUT is whether or not you have 95 000 dollars  on your bank account or not! You don't believe me? Go and check it yourself at
Fashion has become affordable: are you kidding me? I love fashion more than anyone in this world. Approved! But come on. I'm not ready to pay thousand of cash to just sit next to _____. (insert the name of a celebrity). Okay, if I had them, I'd probably pay for sitting next to Riri, or Carin Roitfeld, or Grace Coddington, Kate Moss, or  I dunno who...
Nevertheless, you know you can be my Daddy anytime. The 12th of November is my birthday, so the collections take place in February, so whenever you are in the world, you can e-mail me in private and make me the happiest man in the world by getting those f#cking tickets! We'll discuss the head money issue later on when I get the tickets. OK? I love y'all! Sleep well...

Peter Liendberg for Louis Vuitton Men's Fall 2014 Ad Campaign: stylish! 

Look at what happens when fashion meets art, when a  legendary photographer Peter Liendberg meets a renowned designer Nicolas Ghesquière. I adore this new Louis Vuitton Men's Fall 2014 Collection Lookbook video. Guess where it's shot? ICELAND! Man, this is a place I've been dreaming about to go since I knew that Bjork comes from there. I love the coat on the left (0:08), I love the bag on the right (0:18), I love the sweater in the center (0:37). I love how it's all mannish style of dress! I love the hazy venue! Nature is the best catwalk, I knew it! Enjoy...

Fashion reading list by Maurice Chabale

Who said that fashion addicts (like MOI)  like reading nothing but Vogue? Yes, I love Vogue (esp. Russian Vogue and American Vogue). Hello, Anna Wintour the Queen! Hello, Viktoria Davydova Miss Gorgeous!
Quite the contrary, I love reading in general and nothing beats my boredom better than a good book in my hands. I love them of a smaller size, I love them of  a bigger size, I love them black, I love them white, I love them coloured and bright! But that doesn't mean that you have to give me books as presents.You better not do it! I'll accept it, but you know we, spoilt kids, prefer Cartier dimonds and gold chains to be presented. You know it how they say that books are the best gifts in Russia. I think that books are the worst gifts cause it's the same as to give lingerie to a girl (who may have not boobs yet) because IMHO giving a book involves a very intimate thing, think it's very personal. 
Lets' get back to the point though! I've wanted to blog about my fav books for months, but found time only by the current moment. And my list has nothing to do with those Hugos, Bookers, Goncourts or what have you, where they sometimes choose the crappiest soporific reading one can only imagine!
And it's always impossible for me to answer the question about my favourite writer as well as it's hard to choose a designer you like most of all for there are lots of worthy ones, and they all have a special place in my heart. 
So, let's start then! 
#1 goes to my Queen IRIS MURDOCH. God, she writes in so massive volumes (Leo Tolstoy seems a puppy dog here compared to Iris Murdoch when it comes to massive writing), but the world she used to create in her books is stunning and uncoparable, that's why I love her so much! I literally devored her book which is called "A Severed Head" a months or so ago,  and I can say that this is the best reading I've had by the moment since I had read Pascal Bruckner's  "Le Divin enfant". 
Thanks, Lady Kate Winslet. This was you who first showed Mrs. Murdoch's planet to me through the film "IRIS", a biographical movie based on a life story of Iris Murdoch. I reeeeeeally advise you to watch this film before you start a book. BTW, I've already  read three books by Murdoch ("The sea, the sea", "A Severed head", "The Sacred and Profane Love Machine") and they are all huge but worth spending time on. Pure perfection: a mixture of allusions, smartness and immaculate sense of humour peppered with nontrivial plots inside the book. Loves it! 

Intrigued about # 2, and # 3? Click NEXT to find out....

# 2 goes to my self-proclaimed Russian Big  Mamma that I probably lost connection with in my childhood and my place had been taken by this genious bastard online troll with the best Live Journal ever  (I know, I know I should restraint myself from being envious) - Tatyana Tolstaya. I love, I love, I love her! I swear to God, I spent a quarter of my bloody life watching her «Shkola zloslovia» (say "School of malignant gossip") on YouTube. Give me David Lettermann and I'll give you my Mamma who'd kick his #ss off with her b#tchiness, and wit, and all she has on da plate. David Lettermann? Who's David Lettermann? 
Welcome a serie of short stories titled "Легкие миры" by Tatyana Tolstaya (the book has not been translated into English yet, but if it is, let me know please!). 
I didn't read the book, I first read one of the stories on SNOB , then I googled it desperately trying to find its paper version online but I failed, cause the book hasn't been released oficially yet,  I guess. 
So I went to my favourite website with audiobooks as I usually do before I go to bed, and to my great surprise the first book in the list was "Легкие миры". I  immediately started to listen to it and I hadn't slept a wink till I finished the book up to the end. Just catch a piece of it: "Вот сейчас я поставлю на американской бумажке свою нечитаемую закорючку, и один акр Соединенных Штатов Америки перейдет в мои частные руки. Стоит – а вернее, течет, хлещет и бурлит – 1992 год, и я приехала из России, где все развалилось на части и непонятно, где чье, но уж точно не твое, и где земля уходит из-под ног, – зато тут я сейчас куплю себе зеленый квадрат надежной заокеанской территории и буду им владеть, как ничем и никем никогда не владела. А если кто сунется ко мне в дом без спросу – имею право застрелить. Впрочем, надо уточнить, какие права у воров и грабителей, потому что на них тоже распространяется действие Конституции." (Татьяна Толстая "Легкие миры")
It's great, great, great and funny, innit? 

Photo via

# 3 goes to Alice Munro who I love to the bits. This gracious lady from the holy land of  Canada (Where's my Canadian living permit, BTW? JK) got the Nobel Prize last year! That says it all! She's a genious. Her English is so perfect! And her stries are short, that's the main thing for such people like me who can be bored so easily. My favourite story is about a woman who has lived with a doochebag under the same roof for all her life. Their life was as boring as watching porn. Yes, P-O-R-N. And, of course, she was bothered. There was something disturbing her all the way down. Once they had a quarrel.  You know, this was a trivial domestic drama people all around the world have every day. And so she left and decided to spend a night at one of her friend's place. He rang her many times but she refused to come back.  The very next morning on her way home she saw her husband sitting on the porch of their house. They were having that blah-blah-blah sort of things when she was striken by a terrible thought. She rushed inside the house and she found her children DEAD. The son of a b#tch had stabbed them! OMG. I cried so much when I read this line! What happened next you'd better find out yourself by reading the book And tell me, what you think. I personally don't get it whatever philosophical the sense behind all that might be. Come on...he killed his children! That's so saddening! 
The story is called "Too much happiness", if my memory serves me right. Nevertheless, whatever story written by Alice Munro you choose, you won't be dissapointed. 100%. And there we have it, three books, and many different stories. BTW, did I mention a name of a person whose name is not allowed to be said aloud?  F#ck it. I have many reasons to be stoned to death, let it be another one. I must say that his story changed my world! Welcome! Enjoy the reading and e-mail me your impressions! 

Post scriptum: I'm obsessed with the song by Bruce Springsteen "Streets of Philadelphia". I've been listening to it for hours by now. So, why don't you listen to it as a background music while  reading one of the books given above? 

I'm back back back....

Hello, my beloved hornies, twinks, bears, studs, gays and gayderellas or what have you! I've finally got an opportunity to take some time to prepare an entry about my vacation that I spent in Turkey last week. Gosh, it seems like the world has turned upside down and back. there are so many things I want to share, and there's been so many things in my head I'm looking forward to tell you! Helas...Till I'm earning my bread working like a galley slave, I won't be able to blog as much as I'd like to. 
If you ask me to find just one word to express my first biggest impression of Istanbul, I'd say...hmmmm...rrrr....
No, I'm at a loss of words! This was F#CKIN' WAY TOO AMAZING and only new Dolce & Gabbana Collection for Alta Roma 2015 could ouddo them. Good Lord, I'd let a rich bastard buy MOIself on a slave market for just one great chance to parade on the bridge in Capri having my skirts carried by two hot Italian mucho macho slaves men like Stefano and Domenico undoubtedly are! I love them from the bottom of my heart!  Click to see more peeks:

Just like that: 

photo courtesy: buro 24/7

BTW, I've spent pretty much time desperately trying to find just something about the event, but it was supposed to be like a secret "TS!TS!" sh#t I guess and the only article I could find was prepared by one of the best fashion websites in Russia - Buro. I love Buro 24/7.
I'd die if some folks there ask me to b#tchface in front of the camera holding the infamous "I love Buro" card like they did with hoardes of celeb#tches  celebrities. What? Am I too demanding? One can't make a person stop dreaming, right?
There were some other collections which had been caught my blinking eye but let me start  later on that note.
Let's talk about ME, ME, ME!!!!! Okay, not me in general, but my trip! Nevertheless, here I am and here's my story.
Apart from the fact that I flew with the worst domestic airline ever (Yakutia!), my hotel which sucked, and bloody footsore  (forget what I wrote about PAOLO CONTE in the previous post. I hate 'em!) I got by the end of the trip,  everything was smooth and perfect.
I did everything I had planned before leaving for home. And there was even some space left for a huge surprise with a cherry on the top (but I can't talk about it though. Yes, even MOI, I must have my secrets, you know!).
Well, let me show you some things I LUUUURVED about Istanbul the most. They are enlisted in an alphabetical order. Alphabetical order? What is ABC?

I swear to good Lord, they are everywhere! There were more mosques all over the place than covered witches  gurls who go there! Having a sparse look at the Blue Mosque was one of the major things I planned to do there, so did I! But there were some other mosques I liked a lot. Not that I'm a religious b#tch, but I'm in truly love with the architecture and the golden signs in Arabic they have which is impossible to see in Russia! I even prayed inside the Catholic Church. Ok, of course I didn't pray -  I just faked that I prayed desperately thinking that I'll have been put mercy on for all the faggotry I radiate on a daily basis. I'm joking. I just wanted to take a good shot in church. It was the first time I visited the Catholic Church. I was impressed to bits though. Pity that I couldn't spot any hot popes who would f@ck my TWINK #ss there. LOL. Did I say it aloud? Sorry, then... Ha-ha...
Well, the mosques: 

# 2 FOOD
The food in Turkey was IS amazing. Portions were  ARE enormous and surprisingly cheap. Once we found a restaurant with a 'veranda' place on the top of the hotel or something and they charged Me and Mr. Big nothing but around 10$ for four dishes which were 500% yummilicious!!!! Service was  good: the stuff was extremeley polite at whatever place we popped by to eat. My best Turkish friend had advised me to visit the islands, so we went there together with Mr. Big and there was a place near the fish market I don't know (Heck, I'm sorry, I'm bad with names!), and I ordered rakia, and a salmon, and some grilled trout with a side dish of cherry tomatos, cucumbers, and their flat cakes they serve lo and behold for free with different sauces. I literraly died after that! Mmmmm....yum


Just look at all these old coloured buildings! They have their own charm, no?


Just ignore a plaster thing on my right foot.  It obz ruined the whole moment:

F#ck those motherf#ckers with a celery stalk who let them sell fake Celine bags! Come on, this is Phoebe  we are talking about! This is more legendary than all their gorgeous b#tches  beaches in Antalia. Is that LV? Is that Chanel? Is that Hermes? Is that PRADA there too? Noooooo waaaaay, burn in hell! I'd eat donkey's sh#t for PRADA! 

Ow-Mai-Gawd, I need some more rakia in my guts now to get rid of the stress! Ha-ha...

Revenons à nos moutons, dear friends! Close your eyes and tell me what my # 5 is going to be! Don't cheat! You'll win a kiss from MOI if you guess it right! NO, cheat!!!!  Seriously....

# 5 MOI in Istanbul, of course

Shirt (Elena Lichutina), vest (unlabelled, I bought it in 'OBNOVKA' shop), white espadrilles (not pictured, H&M)

Gosh, I love all the photos we took except this one above! I look dunno sad! F#ck my 'yeux cernés' and skin which is far from being flawless. It's impossible to have  immaculate skin when it's being tortured by that unbearable 40 Celsious heat. And even a black-and-white filter couldn't save me from a failure!
BTW, I'm wearing my new fav shirt which has a flower print combined with a newspaper pattern on it (Mister John Galliano the God of fashion, hello!!!!). Thanks to my mom, who made this gorgeous piece for me!!!

You can see the full reportage with my photos on Instagram. You know how to find me, right? And SUBSCRIBE SUBSRIBE SUBSCRIBE! I wanna beat MIRADUMA on the number of followers!!! I love you, Мирослава! I swear, I do! Once we'll binge in a gay club in Paris! JK. You know, you're the best b#tch fashion Grand Dame who rocks those MILAN-PARIS-LONDON street style pre-show things! And Ulyana Sergeenko rocks 'em too! (I'm obsessed with Ulyana's last collection inspired by Russian artists). You're my QUEENS!
Guys at L'Oreal Russia (I know you read this and I know you must know the girls in person!), plz tell them that I'm lovey-dovey for everything about their PERSONAS!!!!  And when I go to Moscow I want to take a peek with them! Both of them!  Or apart? It doesn't really matter! I don't like threesome bareback by all means! I just wanna touch them, feel their Chanel flair next to me (don't forget to mention  that I' a fash fag so that they don't think that I'm a perv freak. LOL). I promise to purchase only L'Oreal products (which I do on a regular basis) whenever I go to the mall then. Thanx! I'll be endebted forever!
On a different note, here's one more photo of  locally manufactured bags and shoes I liked and probably ask my friend to buy them for me when he goes to Istanbul next month. What do you think? Yes/no? E-mail me your answers.

I just feel like after this post some designers (hint hint) will be inspired and create a collection inspired by Turkish culture. You'll see! Y'all know how I'm famous for that 'trend-teller' sense. CFDA, please hire me! I'll be the best STARBUCKS coffee deliverer ever. I will, I promise!!! I'll be giving you some fashion advice while breaks, if you're interested! Fashion advice? Who am I kidding though? I'll never work as a designer or even a stylist coz I don't have any mere skills in  crafts at all. And I'm absolutely left-handed when it comes to making things! All I can do is just admire other people's work, and buying, buying, buying after making other people buy, coz y'all know whose body a real material gurl really lives in. And it's not MADONNA!!! It's me. 
Ooh! I'm tired now....Needa good sex and some hot sperm  milk in my mouth before I go to bed! Wish me new trips! Wish me new love! Wish me everything cause I deserve it! I love y'all! Promise to come back tomorrow with some other stuff on my plate! Sweet dreams! 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale

Let's get it longer with Turkish_home: I deserve the 1st prize

Vote for MOI, my minions! I need your support. I've recently become a participant of a contest organized by Turkish_Home on Instagram. The rules are here below. If I win I promise to give you a souvenir from Antalya which I'll provide with my lips on an envelope.

- Visit my Instagram profile (;
- Find a photo with studded skull sneakers and a boarding pass;
- Like it by one click

See? This is as simple as that...Thanks, I love y'all!!!!! Hope to see you in Antalya.

Ready steady go...

I've been staying out of updating my site for god knows how much time. And I really appreciate your being loyal to my weekly procratinations for I'm happy to see that my online fashion mafia becomes stronger day after day. It's growing, but I want it to become huge and unreachable. Y'all know what I mean. I want to be all BeckhamJolina-like pappi. Y'all are my children and I love y'all.
Children? Bu-ha-ha...Who am I fooling around? I guess I'll nevar EVAR have children, coz I'm afraid of those scary bitch ditches (sorry, gurls) more than I'm afraid of flights, which is more than my fear of bats, which is twice more than my fear of being gangbanged by a group of tramp skinheads which is my biggest fear I suppose. No, the biggest one is to encounter a  celebrity I admire, let's say, Jason Wu or Alexander Wang, or at least,  Ksenya Sobchak (my favourite TV presenter on Russian TV after Vladimir Pozner) whatevs, and to be unable to utter a single word (which once happened to me).
I absolutely lack interpersonal skills and I know it. I'm working on dat sh#t. So, if you once meet me and want to say your hi and hello,   please do it, cause all I can do is to smile as frankly as I can and give you a bear hug, but I won't say a word being a mouth-trapped idiot.
Enough children and celebrity-bound blether, I'd like to post an entry about everything which is in my head right now,  my dear fashiongurls, and fashiongays,  before I'm off for Istanbul, Turkey.
I'm almost ready for my 4 - day trip. And I'm super excited. I've been getting ready for it for the last 4 days. Pedi, mani, choco masks and shopping take lots of time, you know.
I'm so happy to find out that my neighbour who's living next door is a manicurist. She treated me like a king at her little cozy home beauty parlour the other day.
The b#tch is so nice that I want to make friends with her. Once when I was back home at midnight (don't ask me where I was) I found out that bastards fixed a DIS on the entrance door (which I completely  forgot about), so I couldn't get into my own apartment cause I hadn't ordered my keys.  Thanks God, my neighbour was available, so I called her and she opened the door. I love her.
The very next day we agreed so that I come to her place for a pedi session. I wanted to have a gel covering made, but she said no waii, that's why I feel thankful to her so much too.
I didn't want to leave her without making something crazy though. So, as for so long I've been inspired by my fav BryanBoy who's being on holiday too (enjoy Ibiza, my adorable b#tch, I love you!!!!!!) now, and I decided to cover my nails with a coloured nail polisher.  For he doesn't blame me on  a rip-off, I've chosen a muddy grey color for my nails. I'm sure this is going to become a big bang thing this summer.

Two hours of pure footgasms and there you have it, my nails look like...hmmmmm...ones of a cadavre:

I want to have perfect fingers!!!!!! Right now!!! I said now!!!

She used H&M manicure set, Essie nail lacquer (#252, mud grey).

Ignore my ugly feet, the nailpolisher will perfectly match my new white leather sandals by Paolo Conte. I love this brand for moderate price tags and comfortable shoes they make. Check out their website, I'm sure you won't escape without buying a thingie from them.
I've got these cuties (mine are white):
                                                   Photo courtesy:

It might seem that I'm going to take lots of things with me, but alas, I'm gong to pack my #ss tight, cause I'm flying there alone. There is noone to help me with my suitcases.

Terranova bag, H&M espadrilles

My Mr. Big will join me at one of the International Atatyrk Airport terminals when I arrive there.
So, wish me good luck. I'll update later. Whenever late back I am, I promise to provide you with a sh#tload of photos. Love you, happy weekends!!!!