Chainsmokers or Дискотека авария?

Give me a very 'XXI century' song by Chainsmokers called "Selfie" and I'll give you our 'Дискотека Авария' with their "Лайкни меня" '(Like me') song. 
I try to avoid posting any Russian-related material on my page (who the hell cares?), but I think I'd make an exception for the song which is very sticky. I've been singing it all day long and I can't stop myself. Blame this stupid Russian pop culture which is worse than pop corn. Ha-ha. I love my compatriorts though. And I'm not rasist at all! I swear! What do you think? 



Дискотека авария?

Post scriptum: My ex once said that he'd like me to have the same puffy collagen injected lips. I always knew that my lips are thin. And I've wanted new lips since my fav team behind  David & Alexander had them. So sexy. But f#ck my ex with a potato, I won't have those lips just because he wants to see me like that. Even if he paid  for the operation, I'd never torture my lips with colagen. I don't want to end up  like Nickole Ostin or worse - like my Diva Amanda Lepor (She rocks though!). I'm all for natural things (sorry, my Thai friends). What dew think?


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