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I've been staying out of updating my site for god knows how much time. And I really appreciate your being loyal to my weekly procratinations for I'm happy to see that my online fashion mafia becomes stronger day after day. It's growing, but I want it to become huge and unreachable. Y'all know what I mean. I want to be all BeckhamJolina-like pappi. Y'all are my children and I love y'all.
Children? Bu-ha-ha...Who am I fooling around? I guess I'll nevar EVAR have children, coz I'm afraid of those scary bitch ditches (sorry, gurls) more than I'm afraid of flights, which is more than my fear of bats, which is twice more than my fear of being gangbanged by a group of tramp skinheads which is my biggest fear I suppose. No, the biggest one is to encounter a  celebrity I admire, let's say, Jason Wu or Alexander Wang, or at least,  Ksenya Sobchak (my favourite TV presenter on Russian TV after Vladimir Pozner) whatevs, and to be unable to utter a single word (which once happened to me).
I absolutely lack interpersonal skills and I know it. I'm working on dat sh#t. So, if you once meet me and want to say your hi and hello,   please do it, cause all I can do is to smile as frankly as I can and give you a bear hug, but I won't say a word being a mouth-trapped idiot.
Enough children and celebrity-bound blether, I'd like to post an entry about everything which is in my head right now,  my dear fashiongurls, and fashiongays,  before I'm off for Istanbul, Turkey.
I'm almost ready for my 4 - day trip. And I'm super excited. I've been getting ready for it for the last 4 days. Pedi, mani, choco masks and shopping take lots of time, you know.
I'm so happy to find out that my neighbour who's living next door is a manicurist. She treated me like a king at her little cozy home beauty parlour the other day.
The b#tch is so nice that I want to make friends with her. Once when I was back home at midnight (don't ask me where I was) I found out that bastards fixed a DIS on the entrance door (which I completely  forgot about), so I couldn't get into my own apartment cause I hadn't ordered my keys.  Thanks God, my neighbour was available, so I called her and she opened the door. I love her.
The very next day we agreed so that I come to her place for a pedi session. I wanted to have a gel covering made, but she said no waii, that's why I feel thankful to her so much too.
I didn't want to leave her without making something crazy though. So, as for so long I've been inspired by my fav BryanBoy who's being on holiday too (enjoy Ibiza, my adorable b#tch, I love you!!!!!!) now, and I decided to cover my nails with a coloured nail polisher.  For he doesn't blame me on  a rip-off, I've chosen a muddy grey color for my nails. I'm sure this is going to become a big bang thing this summer.

Two hours of pure footgasms and there you have it, my nails look like...hmmmmm...ones of a cadavre:

I want to have perfect fingers!!!!!! Right now!!! I said now!!!

She used H&M manicure set, Essie nail lacquer (#252, mud grey).

Ignore my ugly feet, the nailpolisher will perfectly match my new white leather sandals by Paolo Conte. I love this brand for moderate price tags and comfortable shoes they make. Check out their website, I'm sure you won't escape without buying a thingie from them.
I've got these cuties (mine are white):
                                                   Photo courtesy:

It might seem that I'm going to take lots of things with me, but alas, I'm gong to pack my #ss tight, cause I'm flying there alone. There is noone to help me with my suitcases.

Terranova bag, H&M espadrilles

My Mr. Big will join me at one of the International Atatyrk Airport terminals when I arrive there.
So, wish me good luck. I'll update later. Whenever late back I am, I promise to provide you with a sh#tload of photos. Love you, happy weekends!!!!


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