Wind of change

The future's in the air
Can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change

Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
In the wind of change

Walking down the street
Distant memories
Are buried in the past, forever

Do you remember this old, but very beautiful sticky song by Scorpions?
Oh, my life has been all about the changes for the past two months, bitterly just in my head yet.
I'm passing through some challenging moments now. I hate when I'm depressed! I can't tell you about my HUGE life - reshaping PROJECT not to jinx it, but I promise I will do it as soon as possible if everything goes the way I've planned. I'm just asking you to pray for me, because I know you love me, coz I'm young and beautiful. (*JK*).  I know - I'm hooked on Lana del Ray like every mere gay mortal in this f#gly city.
I'm old and ugly, and lazy yet, cause I even ignored the event I had to visit yesterday morning. They've just opened a new beauty parlour next to the place I live. The opening hours had been announced earlier, I even got an invitation from them in my pillar-box, but I decided to stay in bed instead of going. Nevertheless,  I would have barely known what to wear.
On a similar note. I'm happy (like a proud son) for some people in the fashion world who are evolving in their business successfully, that means they are coming through something new for them too. Join the club! Have a look at Nicolas Ghesquière. What a success after the first collection (don't pay attention to negative responds from some fashion critics). And oh that video triad for the Louis Vuitton Impire ad campaign which was released not so long time ago. All good things come in three. You know it better than me...Click NEXT to watch the videos made by three legendary fash angelic photographers - Bruce Weber, Juergen Teller, and Annie Leibovitz - and choose your favourite one. My inbox is anticipating your answers already.

Bruce Weber  - 'Beautiful Strangers' (Super Stylish)

Juergen Teller - ''Serie 1 by Juergen Teller for Louis Vuitton" (Very creative. Freja Beha Erichsen, you're gorgeous)

Annie Leibovitz - "Serie 1 by Annie Leibovitz for Louis Vuitton" (Iconic Women's Club unite! Me ain't on da list)

OMG! I can't choose. I love all of them . Everybody's got their LV bag even just once in a lifetime, brobably even before dinosaurs had been extinct,  as for me, I've never had one. I mean NEVER EVER in my entire life! I mean I've been living in vain till the moment if such things happen. But I'm living for just a simple monogrammed clutch, cause I'm personnaly not a big fan of leather hand-bags.
Oh, please, for god's sake, somebody powerful and generous get it to me! I'll be indebted forever!
Don't forget about KEEPALL BANDOULIÈRE 55 travel bag colored white and grey as a follow-up gift, and some matching shoes either- I've taken notice of their Blend Anckle Boots from the Ready-to-Wear 2014 Collection.

KEEPALL BANDOULIÈRE 55 travel bag (click to buy);

BLEND ANKLE BOOT with the tweed collar  (Click to buy)

My size is 9.5 (USA).
E-mail me to get my address.
I'll thank you just in case. I love y'all. Take care.

Faithfully yours,
Maurice Chabale


Shopping: I love Topman

It's just an urgent entry. I went shopping to please myself yesterday. That's what I bought. I'm so surprised to have found everything that I needed at Topshop. Who knew? Their women's line is wonderful! Their men's line is Okay, but I could buy only the shirt just because of the SALE  propaganda they have there. I bought three things but I paid just for one of them. Crazyyyy, innit? Hurry up then....Buy everything TOPSHOP!
I look great in this clothes.
BTW, this is the first burger I've had for the last 7 years. They're gonna close McDonald's, so think it was  kinda HISTORICAL. Probably we won't see any McDonald's here in Russia anymore. But I was the last to be in.

MOVEO folding electric scooter by Antro Group

No offense, but who knew that good ol' Hungary which I even have no clue of where on the map is could show up with such a wonderful design of a scooter! 
This beauty (you can see below) designed by Antro Group, the company which specializes on producing energy perspective commuting vehicles,  weighs not more than 55 pounds but can reach over 27mph. And this is not the biggest surprise from the folks at Antro. 
10 seconds and bam-wham-bam,  your scooter turns out into a suitcase which you can carry on you whenever you go. 
The expected price of this 'incredible vehicle', according to A Creative Blog,  'ranges from $3,000 to $5,000'.  Not a big deal, ah? Balmain suit's price anyway.  For a non-driving person like I am, this is MANNA from Heaven, coz I'm way too scared of cars and driving MOIself!!! 
I don't believe in New Year Resolutions, but I'll def set one in stone for the upcoming New Year  to get this scooter for myself. Let's see whether I'm reliable or not! If I am, I'll forget about f#gly rude taxi drivers, uncomfy cabs, and traffic jams FOREVER!!! Oh those dreams....

Safe and healthy

I went to the hospital today. I've queued for an hour and a half. I've met too many fat people with varix fat legs. But it's worth the deal. I got the results! I'm healthy! The HIV test was negative! Actually, all the test I passed got negative!  I've got some blood pressure though, but f#ck it. I don't smoke, so it'll be fine. My doctor said I must avoid stressful situations and have a rest more. She was nice and not dreadful at all I must say! That's what I'm gonna do the following three days. I'm gonna do NOTHING, but sunbathe, watch my fav movies and TV series, walk and have sex.  Unfortuately, sex  is excluded from the list. I don't have a BFF. ((( 
I need a f#ckin' boyfriend NOW! Where are  the hell all male hotties gone? Why should I troll the guys abroad when I have all those testesterone muscle marys here in Krasnodar here and there? I hate that homophobic situaton in Russia! I darn need a BFF! 
I'm desperate to announce a new job opportunity on my site:


Gender: male/gay
Age: 28-41
Marital Status: single
Citizenship: Europe
Nationality: American, French
- brutal top;
- kind;
- open-minded;
- generous;
- ambitious;
- twink-lover;
- bald;
- 17-inch dick;
- bearded;
- tight-muscled;

Job opportunities:

- quick promotion up to the gay marriage;
- free sex bottom  caretaker;
-sex 24-hour a day;
-  free sex;
- tight ass;
- loving thirsty gay man for free;

I hope you'll drop me a line! I'm waiting! 

PS: Those three who left my site pointlessly I forgive you! But I still love you! I love y'all. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings somehow. But I can't satisfy everybody's needs, can I? That is my web area, and I'm writing whatever I like to write about, dontcha agree? That's why you love me, don't you? 

A magic parcel

I haven't made entries covering myself for AYGEES, that's why I'm gonna turn over a new leaf now. 
You probably know that me and my familia d'enfer have been living apart for 3 years since I moved for Krasnodar, and I bet I miss my mom a lot, but I swear there are some profitable advantages for me though from our being separate. And that's, my dear ladies and gentleladies, one of them: FREE CLOTHES. 
Yes, it costs me my nerves, but sometimes my dearest mommy forgets about her bajillion dollah clientele and spends some time on making my material dreams come true. 
From time to time, actuallly on my birthday (November, 12th), and on the New Year Eve she makes a little surprise for me. 
One of the sketches made by MOIself, of course, which  I send her via e-mail, sees the light that day. The day has come earlier this time. And I'm the happiest person ever, cause I've become the owner of the most exclusive, hand-made, 100% qualified designer clothes whenever it happens to me, because I don't have to pay hommage to Luisa via Roma, or Net-a-Porter anymore, having my budget safe and non devastated by real designer priceless bonanza. 
I have my own designer! And I have whatever I want. That's me who chooses the color of stitches or the fabric, that's me who draws the sketch and designs it all from the very beginning, and then, after a couple of weeks I've got the same thing which I had got on my mind the other day, isn't it magical? 
The clothes you gonna see was invented 2 years old by MOIself, but they're way too up-to-date for I've looked over some new collections through Sonny van Develde's website all over the place and it seems to me I saw it there. And there you have it, I'm obsessed!!! 
Let the pictures talk for themselves, I hope you'll like my new look. BTW, you'll kill two birds with one stone, cause you'll have a glimpse at my new apartment where the renovation is about to be over in a few months. What dew y'all think, I wonder? E-mail me about your impressions. Photos haven't been edited or photo-chopped for your natural voyeuristic pleasure yet. Enjoy....

Click NEXT to see more PICS.....

 Black shorts (H&M), check-and-plaid silk-lined grey jacket (Helena Lichutina)

Shit, my feet are dirty. My maid is on vacation, I know...So I painted 'em. Sorry. 

Polka dot print shirt (H&M), golden silk panties (flea market)

Torn to pieces dew like it? I love the silk panties...

Go next....

 Top (Helena Lichutina), shorts (Obnovka)

My nose is enormous!!! OMG!!! But love the top. Colors are amazing and it matches the shorts. 

I need my arms to get fit!!!

Murdered by Fashion!

Trousers and a vest   by Helena Lichutina, belt (H&M)

Choose your fav look and e-mail me. I must know what you think! BTW, if you want something sewed by my mom, you know where to get me. I'll inform you abt price list and all the inquiries. 

I love y'all....Take care! 

Faithfully yours, 
Maurice Chabale

A very addictive sh#t: Comic Relief

I dunno why, maybe, this is just my reaction to what's been going on with my f#cked up immune system for the past few months, or what, but I spent two previous days watching the videos on the most gut-wretching YouTube Channel - Comic Relief. Welcum!
First, I watched some episodes of  Little Britain. I've chosen some skits for you for a belly laugh: 

Yes, this is Miss Kate Moss herself!  She's adorable here, is she?. This is not the funniest fun. But Kate is a queen of catwalk not of  stand-up show.
And here's one which is funnier. Click NEXT to watch....What r u waitin' for?

I feel like there's inner Bubbles Devere inside me too. Who am I kidding though? Of course no!

1) I'm not that fat (if I continue to eat like I do, I'll be fat some day, for sure);
2) I have no boobs(and no bloody m#daf#ka won't make me change my gender even for Andrea Pejic's career sake. \lol/);
3) I have no money to go sailing to go to sexy'n'hot Rio and for  gambling either;
4) And I don't have any Arab friends (I wish onethough!).

Secondly, I've fallen in love with Catherine Tate Show. This is so funny. The corners of my mouth hurt so much because of that sh#t. Gawd, mercy on me!!! How come that nobody who lives on this planet has ever told me Catherine?  Pshaw...Please. You know how to please me now. Send me some more hilarious vids via (no mail-trolling with dead bodies and gay theme insults, plz!), either of yours or some of you used to watch on TV or on the net,  better with subtitles, pardon my French! You know my English skills are worth years to be working on. Now enjoy! 

The video you're about to watch contains a gay mess. If you have hate for gay people or you're under the age of 18 y.o., please don't watch this video below. 

And one more....

'Am I bovvered?' (highlighted red) - I love this expression!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is way too sticky...
Gawd, I hate school children...Thanks God, I don't work at high-school somewhere in Britain, or worse, in the States. They say they're all litl Satans over there!

How do you spend your week-ends, loves? Good? Good...

Gianni Vercace Spring Summer 1991 Men's show

Our lifetime is too short to look back: everybody tends to write about what's up-to-date. But at the same time,  IMHO we shouldn't forget those who made so much for the world culture, who pushed the borders and who could do more if it were not a touch of fate which can be sometimes too harsh. Gianni Vercace was one of that kind of people. He was creative, talented, charismatic. Here's the video featuring his Spring/Summer 1991 Men's Collection. I love it from top to bottom: the music, the models, the atmosphere,  - all that smelled FREEDOM. Those were the days! I wish I could live at that epoch as an adult. God, I even didn't give up sucking my babby's dummy when this beautiful collection came up. Am I old or what? Now watch it:

All I can say is: STUNNING! No thanks, plz! 

Post Scriptum: I think it may be good for my blog and you, my minions, to commemorate people from the world of fashion who passed away, no? What dew ya think? e-mail me

Swine neck and Miss Prada

OWMAIF#CKINGAWD! I feel so sick. It sneaked up on me yesterday night. I've got a swine neck by now, especially the right part of it is GIGANTESQUE!!!! And that glandular fever....ohhh.
I can't touch my neck, it doesn't move,  I can't pull a piece of a roughage inside my throat cause it hurts so much! I'm so scared! What if it's AIDS (I know I should be crucified and tortured to death for having unsafe sex some months ago! WARNING: NEVER EVER IGNORE condoms! Probably if I say this and warn youngsters all around the world, I won't die young. Actually, I didn't ignore them either, but there was just that  'oops moment' when a prick lost his second skin. You know what I mean. Let me omit the details), or it could be worse, - CANCER? I don't want to die until I celebrate my 88th birthday in a French castle. I haven't worn any Couture yet either!
God, please, mercy on me. I promise that I'll be a good boy! And I'll never ever, for the life of YOU, will NOT have unprotected sex, or let a huge prick penetrate inside me! I still hope that things aren't serious enough, and this is just a consequence of that damn air-conditioning that was blowing into my face for heck 3 hours so far on my way back home from Dzhubga at the last weekend. And nobody could fix it. I hate Russian public transport! I wish the head of that bloody PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM of the Region had to get sacked immediately! Just a joke...
The worst thing is that I had to work having a high fever today and yesterday and the day before yesterday. I took god knows how many pills of Pentalgin to make pain smoother. It's irresponsible to ignore physicians, but I have a very big doctor phobia,  if this kind of phobia has a special name I don't know it though. You got it right I guess. If I can escape the moment when I 'm obliged to visit my therapist, I do it. In this particular case, I won't be able to do it though. I'm SCARED!!!! I guess I'll spend the whole week having a thorough inspection of my guts and internals being done. Jesus Christ help me! 
Somebody, please, shot my inner whinger with a silver bullet! 
Not a pill of Pentalgin made me feel better so that I could write this post but her Majesty - Fashion! 
Shame on me, but I haven't seen any of Goddess Miuccia Prada Bianchi's interviews till the moment. So I tried to find some on YouTube, but there wasn't anything special except that old TALKS ASIA INTERVIEW with her. 
I kept browsing channels for about twenty minutes or so, and then I found this: 

Click NEXT to watch Miss Prada in her glory: (If you're under the age of 16 y.o, or if you've got mental or whatever desease, or if you're just homophobic, don't watch this video!)

I couldn't embed the video I watched, but the one above is hilarious too (you can skip some moments coz it's long, but I had so much fun watching it). I died!!! This flaming betch made my day night for sure. I hate junkies! I  bet you, Cumcheetah Wurst has nothing on Miss Pradah! Huge fie for a legalized crystal meth idea though! 
But I still love y'all! 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale

Three  days in Turkey: Part II

I've found some more pics witnessing how cool I spent time in Istanbul, Turkey last month!  Enjoy!

More photos below. Click Next

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale

развлекательного видео с участием линейки брендов серии масс. маркет и “luxury”