A magic parcel

I haven't made entries covering myself for AYGEES, that's why I'm gonna turn over a new leaf now. 
You probably know that me and my familia d'enfer have been living apart for 3 years since I moved for Krasnodar, and I bet I miss my mom a lot, but I swear there are some profitable advantages for me though from our being separate. And that's, my dear ladies and gentleladies, one of them: FREE CLOTHES. 
Yes, it costs me my nerves, but sometimes my dearest mommy forgets about her bajillion dollah clientele and spends some time on making my material dreams come true. 
From time to time, actuallly on my birthday (November, 12th), and on the New Year Eve she makes a little surprise for me. 
One of the sketches made by MOIself, of course, which  I send her via e-mail, sees the light that day. The day has come earlier this time. And I'm the happiest person ever, cause I've become the owner of the most exclusive, hand-made, 100% qualified designer clothes whenever it happens to me, because I don't have to pay hommage to Luisa via Roma, or Net-a-Porter anymore, having my budget safe and non devastated by real designer priceless bonanza. 
I have my own designer! And I have whatever I want. That's me who chooses the color of stitches or the fabric, that's me who draws the sketch and designs it all from the very beginning, and then, after a couple of weeks I've got the same thing which I had got on my mind the other day, isn't it magical? 
The clothes you gonna see was invented 2 years old by MOIself, but they're way too up-to-date for I've looked over some new collections through Sonny van Develde's website all over the place and it seems to me I saw it there. And there you have it, I'm obsessed!!! 
Let the pictures talk for themselves, I hope you'll like my new look. BTW, you'll kill two birds with one stone, cause you'll have a glimpse at my new apartment where the renovation is about to be over in a few months. What dew y'all think, I wonder? E-mail me about your impressions. Photos haven't been edited or photo-chopped for your natural voyeuristic pleasure yet. Enjoy....

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 Black shorts (H&M), check-and-plaid silk-lined grey jacket (Helena Lichutina)

Shit, my feet are dirty. My maid is on vacation, I know...So I painted 'em. Sorry. 

Polka dot print shirt (H&M), golden silk panties (flea market)

Torn to pieces look...how dew like it? I love the silk panties...

Go next....

 Top (Helena Lichutina), shorts (Obnovka)

My nose is enormous!!! OMG!!! But love the top. Colors are amazing and it matches the shorts. 

I need my arms to get fit!!!

Murdered by Fashion!

Trousers and a vest   by Helena Lichutina, belt (H&M)

Choose your fav look and e-mail me. I must know what you think! BTW, if you want something sewed by my mom, you know where to get me. I'll inform you abt price list and all the inquiries. 

I love y'all....Take care! 

Faithfully yours, 
Maurice Chabale


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