A very addictive sh#t: Comic Relief

I dunno why, maybe, this is just my reaction to what's been going on with my f#cked up immune system for the past few months, or what, but I spent two previous days watching the videos on the most gut-wretching YouTube Channel - Comic Relief. Welcum!
First, I watched some episodes of  Little Britain. I've chosen some skits for you for a belly laugh: 

Yes, this is Miss Kate Moss herself!  She's adorable here, is she?. This is not the funniest fun. But Kate is a queen of catwalk not of  stand-up show.
And here's one which is funnier. Click NEXT to watch....What r u waitin' for?

I feel like there's inner Bubbles Devere inside me too. Who am I kidding though? Of course no!

1) I'm not that fat (if I continue to eat like I do, I'll be fat some day, for sure);
2) I have no boobs(and no bloody m#daf#ka won't make me change my gender even for Andrea Pejic's career sake. \lol/);
3) I have no money to go sailing to go to sexy'n'hot Rio and for  gambling either;
4) And I don't have any Arab friends (I wish onethough!).

Secondly, I've fallen in love with Catherine Tate Show. This is so funny. The corners of my mouth hurt so much because of that sh#t. Gawd, mercy on me!!! How come that nobody who lives on this planet has ever told me Catherine?  Pshaw...Please. You know how to please me now. Send me some more hilarious vids via mchabale@yandex.ru (no mail-trolling with dead bodies and gay theme insults, plz!), either of yours or some of you used to watch on TV or on the net,  better with subtitles, pardon my French! You know my English skills are worth years to be working on. Now enjoy! 

The video you're about to watch contains a gay mess. If you have hate for gay people or you're under the age of 18 y.o., please don't watch this video below. 

And one more....

'Am I bovvered?' (highlighted red) - I love this expression!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is way too sticky...
Gawd, I hate school children...Thanks God, I don't work at high-school somewhere in Britain, or worse, in the States. They say they're all litl Satans over there!

How do you spend your week-ends, loves? Good? Good...


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