Gianni Vercace Spring Summer 1991 Men's show

Our lifetime is too short to look back: everybody tends to write about what's up-to-date. But at the same time,  IMHO we shouldn't forget those who made so much for the world culture, who pushed the borders and who could do more if it were not a touch of fate which can be sometimes too harsh. Gianni Vercace was one of that kind of people. He was creative, talented, charismatic. Here's the video featuring his Spring/Summer 1991 Men's Collection. I love it from top to bottom: the music, the models, the atmosphere,  - all that smelled FREEDOM. Those were the days! I wish I could live at that epoch as an adult. God, I even didn't give up sucking my babby's dummy when this beautiful collection came up. Am I old or what? Now watch it:

All I can say is: STUNNING! No thanks, plz! 

Post Scriptum: I think it may be good for my blog and you, my minions, to commemorate people from the world of fashion who passed away, no? What dew ya think? e-mail me


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