MINT and LOLLY: $5 Wet Wednesday Splash Sale

I was introduced to the lovely accessory online shop Mint & Lolly a few months ago on Twitter. I subscribed.  Since then they've been inflating my e-mail box with their weekly reports about sexy discounts, and information about their smashingly beautiful accessories. I'm obsessed! Make me a girl, and I'd wear them all, a piece for every  day of the week. Actually, you mustn't be a girl to dress up the way you like. Thanks God, they ship anywhere and everywhere every single day! Hurry up! Here's my selection of items.  

Monday:  Jelly Roll Necklace - Black (39.99 USD)

Tuesday: Colorful Cupcake Necklace- White (29.99)

Wednesday: Ivory Fruit Gummy Bracelets (19.99 USD)

Thursday: John Candy Ring (9.99 USD)

Friday: Candy Warhols (59.99 USD)

Saturday: Snap! Crackle! Soda Pop! Earrings (9.99 USD)

Sunday: Blue Licorice Whip Necklace (34.99 USD)

And my favourite piece among all -  The Candy Cruncher Bracelet (59.99 USD). Yum!

You can find more items on their website. Buy, buy, buy!!!!

Forever yours, 
Maurice Chabale


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