MOVEO folding electric scooter by Antro Group

No offense, but who knew that good ol' Hungary which I even have no clue of where on the map is could show up with such a wonderful design of a scooter! 
This beauty (you can see below) designed by Antro Group, the company which specializes on producing energy perspective commuting vehicles,  weighs not more than 55 pounds but can reach over 27mph. And this is not the biggest surprise from the folks at Antro. 
10 seconds and bam-wham-bam,  your scooter turns out into a suitcase which you can carry on you whenever you go. 
The expected price of this 'incredible vehicle', according to A Creative Blog,  'ranges from $3,000 to $5,000'.  Not a big deal, ah? Balmain suit's price anyway.  For a non-driving person like I am, this is MANNA from Heaven, coz I'm way too scared of cars and driving MOIself!!! 
I don't believe in New Year Resolutions, but I'll def set one in stone for the upcoming New Year  to get this scooter for myself. Let's see whether I'm reliable or not! If I am, I'll forget about f#gly rude taxi drivers, uncomfy cabs, and traffic jams FOREVER!!! Oh those dreams....


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