Safe and healthy

I went to the hospital today. I've queued for an hour and a half. I've met too many fat people with varix fat legs. But it's worth the deal. I got the results! I'm healthy! The HIV test was negative! Actually, all the test I passed got negative!  I've got some blood pressure though, but f#ck it. I don't smoke, so it'll be fine. My doctor said I must avoid stressful situations and have a rest more. She was nice and not dreadful at all I must say! That's what I'm gonna do the following three days. I'm gonna do NOTHING, but sunbathe, watch my fav movies and TV series, walk and have sex.  Unfortuately, sex  is excluded from the list. I don't have a BFF. ((( 
I need a f#ckin' boyfriend NOW! Where are  the hell all male hotties gone? Why should I troll the guys abroad when I have all those testesterone muscle marys here in Krasnodar here and there? I hate that homophobic situaton in Russia! I darn need a BFF! 
I'm desperate to announce a new job opportunity on my site:


Gender: male/gay
Age: 28-41
Marital Status: single
Citizenship: Europe
Nationality: American, French
- brutal top;
- kind;
- open-minded;
- generous;
- ambitious;
- twink-lover;
- bald;
- 17-inch dick;
- bearded;
- tight-muscled;

Job opportunities:

- quick promotion up to the gay marriage;
- free sex bottom  caretaker;
-sex 24-hour a day;
-  free sex;
- tight ass;
- loving thirsty gay man for free;

I hope you'll drop me a line! I'm waiting! 

PS: Those three who left my site pointlessly I forgive you! But I still love you! I love y'all. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings somehow. But I can't satisfy everybody's needs, can I? That is my web area, and I'm writing whatever I like to write about, dontcha agree? That's why you love me, don't you? 


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