SVS fur atelier: obsessed

I haven't posted pictures of MOIself for ages. So, I'm gonna improve it. Dear gays and gayderellas, straight men,  and petite muff owners, let me present you a snip snap shot of myself in the chiccest FUR BOA I've recently got from my friend Serg, owner of a SVS fur manufacture. 

Ain't I a pure Charmain in flesh and blood? My neck seems like giraffeormous. But better look at that boa! I'm obsessed! What about you? 
Let me tell you something about Serg. 
That b#tch didn't allow me to post his face online (forgiven! coz I respect people's privacy), but he's a really hot brutal macho cool man originally from Surgut, Siberia (Are you also obsessed with Siberian testosterone producers?). A few words we exchanged were enough to understand that he's a real professional and he loves what he does. That's probably why he has so many beautiful things on da plate. You'd better see yourself:

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Every stitch here is made by Serg himself. It's all exquisite, refined and very properly crafted. I saw it myself (F#ck the fact that I'm 48% blind, *JJ*).
It is sad that the old generation (sorry, Serg!) can't handle the Internet and can't feel all the BIG opportunities it gives to one's business. I'm sure there are so many professionals out there  who work their asses out just to get their mere pennies though they work even better that a busted b#tch who works for a renowned brand company. People just have no idea of those professional manufecturers all around Russia that they exist on the surface of our planet. Bad...that's really bad!
Serg is obviously that kind of person. He even doesn't know that there is such a thing as a "PageRank", leave alone the fact that he doesn't know how "a tablet" works. *vomit-vomit*
But believe me, this absolutely doesn't matter when you have hands made of pure gold like Serg has. I swear to God, the knitted fur coats he makes are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! And I'll sell my ass on a market of slaves if one can get me one of these skins so that I could have my own knitted fur jacket (Bill Gates where are you?):

 I'm gonna start smoking Winston One, coz I'm delusional at the moment and that gets it on my nerves very much! 
You can find SVS atelier right in the city center of Krasnodar.  
Just drop by the shopping center ARBAT (88 Krasnaya St.), go downstairs, reach the ground floor and there you have it. The atelier is just right in front of your eyes! Buy, buy, buy and tell me that you love me!
 E-mail me, if you're interested and I'll give you Serg's number! BTW, as soon as his corporate website is ready, you might have an opportunity to purchase his hand - made cuties online! He promised they are gonna ship anywhere there are no limits in shipping between Russia and other countries (oh, those new policies!).  But till then, if you're in Russia, run and get a fur piece NOW! I said HURRY UP! 

Post Scriptum: PETA are you reading this? ha-ha...

Faithfully yours, 
Maurice Chabale


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