Swine neck and Miss Prada

OWMAIF#CKINGAWD! I feel so sick. It sneaked up on me yesterday night. I've got a swine neck by now, especially the right part of it is GIGANTESQUE!!!! And that glandular fever....ohhh.
I can't touch my neck, it doesn't move,  I can't pull a piece of a roughage inside my throat cause it hurts so much! I'm so scared! What if it's AIDS (I know I should be crucified and tortured to death for having unsafe sex some months ago! WARNING: NEVER EVER IGNORE condoms! Probably if I say this and warn youngsters all around the world, I won't die young. Actually, I didn't ignore them either, but there was just that  'oops moment' when a prick lost his second skin. You know what I mean. Let me omit the details), or it could be worse, - CANCER? I don't want to die until I celebrate my 88th birthday in a French castle. I haven't worn any Couture yet either!
God, please, mercy on me. I promise that I'll be a good boy! And I'll never ever, for the life of YOU, will NOT have unprotected sex, or let a huge prick penetrate inside me! I still hope that things aren't serious enough, and this is just a consequence of that damn air-conditioning that was blowing into my face for heck 3 hours so far on my way back home from Dzhubga at the last weekend. And nobody could fix it. I hate Russian public transport! I wish the head of that bloody PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM of the Region had to get sacked immediately! Just a joke...
The worst thing is that I had to work having a high fever today and yesterday and the day before yesterday. I took god knows how many pills of Pentalgin to make pain smoother. It's irresponsible to ignore physicians, but I have a very big doctor phobia,  if this kind of phobia has a special name I don't know it though. You got it right I guess. If I can escape the moment when I 'm obliged to visit my therapist, I do it. In this particular case, I won't be able to do it though. I'm SCARED!!!! I guess I'll spend the whole week having a thorough inspection of my guts and internals being done. Jesus Christ help me! 
Somebody, please, shot my inner whinger with a silver bullet! 
Not a pill of Pentalgin made me feel better so that I could write this post but her Majesty - Fashion! 
Shame on me, but I haven't seen any of Goddess Miuccia Prada Bianchi's interviews till the moment. So I tried to find some on YouTube, but there wasn't anything special except that old TALKS ASIA INTERVIEW with her. 
I kept browsing channels for about twenty minutes or so, and then I found this: 

Click NEXT to watch Miss Prada in her glory: (If you're under the age of 16 y.o, or if you've got mental or whatever desease, or if you're just homophobic, don't watch this video!)

I couldn't embed the video I watched, but the one above is hilarious too (you can skip some moments coz it's long, but I had so much fun watching it). I died!!! This flaming betch made my day night for sure. I hate junkies! I  bet you, Cumcheetah Wurst has nothing on Miss Pradah! Huge fie for a legalized crystal meth idea though! 
But I still love y'all! 

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