Alena Akhmadulina white croco print cow-hide bag

photo courtesy (

Don't you love that little cute hand-bag by Alena Akhmadulina? I'd say without exaggeration that Akhmadulina and  Chapurin are my favourite brands originally from Russia whose exquisite pieces I've been drooling for ages. Think I'm a fan. 
As for this bag, I love it to bits. I love its color, I love its  texture. I love its minimalistic attitude applied  in accessories. I want it! I want it! I want it! 

Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale 

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Pink eye aka Conjuctivitis

It ain't funny anymore!!!! The end of this summer and the beginning of this fall has made me a really sick in bed person. Taking hoards of pills and vitamins is making me ill at ease. 
I've  become very conscious about my health for the past few  weeks which actually I should have done much earlier. I hate myself for ignoring all kinds of physical activities, and having snacks instead of proper healthy food. Yesterday it was just a flu, now it's turned into an ugly f#gly pink eye (formally known as conjuctivitis)  that I have. My ophthalmologist said that I've got the most serious form of it. If I don't follow her prescriptions, my poor vision  may become even worse (It seems that there's nothing worse than the vision I have:  I can't spot anything which is at out of my arm's length)
Oh boy! I would do anything and everything for getting my vim & vigor back. 
Tomorrow I'm going to go to the  again for the eye irrigation procedure or whatchamcallit. Then I'll drop by the photo center on my way back home to order some new business - cards. And after that I'm intending to browse sites. Get ready for the overload of posts about the recent fall/winter collections. 
On a side note, I've been looking for new sunglasses to hide  my damaged eye for the whole evening but I'm vacillating between Zarubka Wenge Blue Mirror & Legend Zebrano Brown  versions by a Russian brand Woodsun which specializes on manufacturing beatiful beautiful hand-crafted glasses made from wood. I first heard about them back in 2011 and have always wanted to have my own pair of customized sunglasses in a wooden frame since then, but alas I didn't have the opportunity  (don't ask me why). I've found a catalogue with the brand's pieces on DressOne website. They are shipping around Russia and countries - members of CIS,  using all the up-to-date payment facilities from CyberSpace to YandexMoney. Two weeks and you'll get your order by post. 

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Beauty is but skin-deep....

Zarubka Wenge Blue Mirror by Woodsun (photo via

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Morning stroll in the park, pet squirrels, modelling me...

check-and-plaid cotton trousers (Helen Lichutina), vintage scarf, velvet jacket (tailored in Britain)

Me, my mother, and my stepfather went for a stroll yesterday morning just to enjoy subzero temperatures. I have complicated feelings when it comes to a fall/winter season. I'm a huge fan of heat actually when the weather makes you break into sweat, but there are more oppotunities to give a better upgrade to your best clothes when cool temperatures are spreading all around the South which is cool, don't you agree? 
Especially when the  fall/winter collections are being in full swing by now (let's not talk about my purchases, I'm broke). 
I promise to look through all of the fresh fashion shows via GQ Russia website and and post my favourite looks on my little insolent online area (aka my website) as soon as possible (they'll be provided with my vain comments, of course, \lol/).
Revenons a nos moutons! On a side note, I've made a cheeky video when I'm desperately trying to make my own  fall/winter 2015 PRADA show. Do you wanna watch my modelling career flopping down the hill right then and there? Pure collapse, but it was fun. Let Freja Beha (I love her!) and Sasha Pivovarova (I adore her!) rock those runaway shows better than anyone else on the surface of this damn planet.  Click NEXT

But I love the catwalk area under open air and those weeping willows or what have you I found there though. 
Here are random photos I'd like to share with you. There's nothing more refreshing than walking in the park and enjoying nature at its finest. 

Here I am sitting on a wooden throne! Forest King  Maurice, werq that lewk bettah, you f#ckin' bastard!

I'm wearing a sweater by La Redoute 

"Совет да любовь"

I love that wedding tree.

Sorry? Is that a gigantesque Paco Rabanne dress or what?

Ah...I see know, that's how children are born!

My stepfather bumped into a tree where there were some squirrels on it.  He came along them with a little green apple he had picked up from the ground and tried to feed the rodents, they obeyed like pets. That was so hilarious how I was yelling and shouting while I was trying to do the same. I was scared to be infected with a mad squirrel desease in case they bite me. But luckily they were scared of me too and they didn't approach a sentimeter towards me. So I put the apple in their manger. I didn't intend to post this video online cause I respect my parents' privacy, so that's why you can hear me speaking Russian (for the 1st time I suppose), but since they allowed me to post it here, I  immediately did it.   Enjoy! 

That's all. 

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Maurice Chabale for Prada: AMP.

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale

GQ Russia Fall - Winter 2014/15 edition

How are you doing, cuties? The weekends have been over and I've felt better since my 'famille d'enfer' came to support me the day before yesterday. We've been having this renovation hulla-baloo thing around the house for the past three days and I'm obsessed about it. I've got a new sink, new shelves, a new coffee table -  new everything! 
I feel like the happiest person in the world when I'm with my beloved ones cause we don't see each other very often. 
On a side note, I've got *someone* (aka my mom) who can take pictures of me, so I've collected a serie of peeks for your visual pleasure by the moment. 
Check 'em out:

Frankly speaking, I'm not a fan of fast food chains, but my stepfather needed to do the deed, so we popped by the SubWay and while he was peeing & breaking wind (lol), me & my mom were going bananas by using her phone as a camera. So sorry for the bad quality of photos. I need a new camera! NOW!!!!

                 gray trousers, beige vest (Helen Lichutina), pink shirt (Zara men), slippers (Topshop), scarf (nameless), black velour jacket (tailored in England)

Found this beautiful neon light bench in the park. It does remind me of LGBT multi-coloured flag:

 gray trousers, beige vest (Helen Lichutina), pink shirt (Zara men), slippers (Topshop), scarf (nameless)

 ...and this monument inspired by my favourite Soviet film director's film -   "Kidnapping, Caucasian Style".

gray trousers, beige vest (Helen Lichutina), pink shirt (Zara men), slippers (Topshop), scarf (nameless)

That's all. 

Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Cabale

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Billie Marten "Ribbon" + Burberry Spring/Summer 2015

This is what's on my mp-3 player fixed on autoplay regime. Billie Marten's voice is so magical.  The music is so calm and relaxing. I love that. BTW, it was a background soundtrack played LIVE at Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 where Cara the Great and Kate the Diva were sitting frontrow.


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Weekends in Novorossiysk, freezing Maurice, pre-wedding situation

No, it's not me who's going to tie the knots. I'm sorry if I gave a false hope to anyone who's looking forward to get drunk at my wedding ceremony see me happily married as much as MOIself. Not this year though. A couple of months ago, my real - estate agent with a beautiful name - Taysya - asked me to interpret at her daughter's wedding cause the lucky b#tch  gurl (I love you, Anna!!!!) had lured a French hottie into a trap. Yes, French men don't like stupid blondes. They like good-looking dark-haired women with a ton of brain-cells and two higher educations at the least. Anna has both. 
Firstly,  I was like "I dunno", "I need to think", "Come on",  coz you all know I am the last person to be associated with the interpereter. I even can't remember what happened to me a minute ago leave alone a shitload of vocabulary the profession requires to keep inside your head. 
My English is crap, but my French is much crappier. 
But then I thought: I'd never attended such kind of ceremonies in my entire life, I won't lose that chance. And maybe her husband has some French gay colleagues who'll drive me far from this cesspit for a better place (Think Cap- Ferrat, Luxemburg, Paris, Cote-d'Ivoire or what have you...).
The problem is: I have nothing to wear! When I say this,  I mean that I don't have a piece of clothes which hadn't been shot before. It's too late to go to a tailor and it's too expensive. I don't have any clothes which might match the occasion. I mean what for? I don't go out so often.
Despite this whenever I go I always remain a rara avis type of boy who stands out of a crowd even if I am naked (Just joking!). If I wear my tailored tuxedo outside for a walk, I'm afraid of another nuclear exploision of anger and envy all around me.
I know I should have prepared beforehand. The wedding is on Saturday. I still need to choose a present for the newly-married birds. But when you're alone working 24 hours a day with no support under your feather it's not to easy to be prudent about anything and everything which comes in on your plate on a daily basis.
I'm doing my best though! On a different note, do you remember my post "Wind of change" where I wrote how I feel like something good's gonna happen soon.
I think one part of this 'good' thing has already knocked on my mail box. I've got a very seductive job offer from the place I adore (it's in Russia though, and it's not fashion but close to. Think about  David Beckham). Guess where? The person who guesses the place first will get a chance to meet me in person in a cafe (if you're in Krasnodar, of course). If you're not, I'll give you a kiss on your cheek when I'm at your place!
OMG! I'm so scared... I don't know. I've planned a trip there for the 10th of October and later, so I'll let your know if I go. I wish I could (*fingers crossed*).
How did you spend your holidays? As for me, I went to the closest seaside place but I ignored swimming cause it's already too cold for me to swim. I'm all for 45-50 degrees above zero temperatures when it comes to swimming. There's nothing worse than enjoying water when you're in and trembling like a paultry when out. Me and my close friend went to the barbeque place instead and pigged out over there till midnight. The very next day we went shopping for clothes (I helped him to choose the clothes from catalogues. Yes, like OTTO, or some old German ones where the old German elderly people order clothes.  I hate styling and giving advice, especially to people who are hard to change their mind, but I'm the only gay friend he has so I couldn't help it). We bought jeans and some plain shirts for him. He wanted shoes but prices were far from being moderate,  so he decided to look for another pair in a shopping mall next time.
By the end of the day I had been too tired to take pictures so I don't have anything to satisfy your viewing pleasure. But I have some pictures taken last year. I assure you, Novorossiysk is one of those places stuck in stagnation which never change. There's soft port over there.

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I'm kidding. Just good ol' me in the forest! I love my legs and I hate my tummy! Yuk...

 Sneakers by Bikkemberg's, pants that my mom bought on a flee market in Greece, jacket - Helen Lichutine

 The colours are fascinating!!!

Meet this slim & sexy American Gay Boy with an ugly smile:

 Jeans by Energie, shirt by Terranova, wathces by Calvin Klein

Jeans my mom bought on a flee market in Greece, watches by Calvin Klein, belt (no name), shirt by Sella, vest by Helen Lichutine

C'est tout!!! No thanks!

19/09/2014 UPDATE
I've got sick (the doctor said it looks like pneumonia), so I didn't go to the wedding. Better for me, I must save money for the winter coat, and boots. It's rather cold here in Kranodar. I'm sorry for the lack of updates. The only thing I want now is lying in bed and watching fav movies. Yesterday I watched the record number even for myself - 5 films!!! I'll try to get better soon with new entries. I love y'all.

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale

The most hilarious skype session in my life!

Am I perverted or what? I feel like an old owl stuck in a kid's body, as far as I can't afford golden threads or injections, I need something different to feel myself younger. I'm obsessed about my age, you know it. What can be better for an old kid like MOI than meeting a young lover friend. 
Yesterday me & my friend Timothy from Michigan (who's about to be 20 y.o. soon!) spent the entire day online talking to each other via Skype. I rely on it so much when it comes to talking to my parents or friends. Who knew it could be also entertaining? 
This is a part of our conversation:

[07.09.2014 21:48:47] Me: have I missed yr answer? )
[07.09.2014 21:48:54] Me: abt shopping
[07.09.2014 21:49:11] Timothy: Oh, no. I haven't shopped yet.
[07.09.2014 21:49:21] Me: ah ok
[07.09.2014 21:49:35] Me: I wish we went shopping together)
[07.09.2014 21:49:54] Me: the clothes here is much more expensive than in the States
[07.09.2014 21:49:55] Me: I guess
[07.09.2014 21:49:57] Timothy: Shopping is always more information for me with someone else
[07.09.2014 21:50:14] Timothy: Really?
[07.09.2014 21:50:16] Me: I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE shopping. Shopping 4 me is better than sex
[07.09.2014 21:50:55] Me: yes because we don't have a lot of choice here. retailers are smart enough not to choose Krasnodar to exhibit)
[07.09.2014 21:51:04] Timothy: So if I was kissing on your next and a Louis Vuitton advertisement came on you'd stop me?
[07.09.2014 21:51:14] Timothy  Neck
[07.09.2014 21:51:43] Me: will Marc Jacobs be on the ads? )
[07.09.2014 21:51:49] Timothy: Perhapz
[07.09.2014 21:52:06] Me: I'll kiss you both in cheeks then
[07.09.2014 21:52:17] Timothy: Hehe
[07.09.2014 21:52:21] Me: lol
[07.09.2014 21:52:26] Timothy: I like that idea.

HILARIOUS, innit?! I love Marc Jacobs,  I really do. He inspires me a lot.  I don't know him in person but he seems to be very kind. I love that.
And I love this Vogue Voices video clip featuring Mr. Jacobs

Sin City Part II: A Dame to kill for aka My shameful experience

OMG OMG OMG OMG. I feel so embarrassed. You would never believe what happened to me yesterday night. Here I was sitting at home alone consoling myself, surfing the net for no reason at all, my phone woke up buzzying aroung here and there, but the thing is that I didn't expect anyone to call me up. I ignored the number though and answered the call intuitively. An old friend of mine was on the line actually. We haven't seen each other for ages. I used to have a crash on him, but it was in vain cause he's a straight guy from top to bottom.  I was happy to hear his voice ("the moment" has come, I thought, no more blondes but a twink's time has come). Alas! He just wanted me to join him to the cinema theatre. Heck! Nothing to do with that! It  was much better than staying at home alone, so I agreed. 
Me: What's the name of the film? 
Mr. Straight: Sin City. Part II
Me: I'm not a fan. 
Mr. Straight: You're gonna see me not the movie
Me: That's why I'm in
Mr. Straight: Shall I call the taxi?
Me: Nope, I'm Okay.
Mr. Straight: Ok. See ya then at 23-00, Krasnaya Plochjad'
Me: Are you dating with anyone?
Mr. Straight: Yes
Me: Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit...
Mr Straight: Sorry abt that, I wanna see ya
Me: You will...I'm ready. The driver is about to come. 
Mr. Straight: Ok. *kisses*
Me: Is she blond again? 
Mr. straight: Yasss! You know my passion.
Me: yep! I'll drink smth then. You pay. 
Mr. Straight: No prob

So we met at the bar at the "Krasnaya Plochjad'" place. It's the huge shopping mall which is near the place I live. They have H&M, Zara, Topman, Topshop and all the great cheap retailers with big names over there. The latest purchase I made was there actually. We arrived earlier, so Mr. Straight and his blond b#tch  girlfriend and her gay friend (yes! they wanted me to date him!!! He's uglier than the second hand clothes!) went to the nearest disco bar to spend time together, and to get acquainted. And unexpectedly, we had so much fun together. Watch the video Lesha (the blond's friend's name) made featuring ME ME ME and ME
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And here are some snas for your visual pleasure:

We really had fun! I'm drunk ((( Oh yeah...We have the same nose type, do we?

 Lesha won that pink #ss bear for me  (Ann).

I'm wearing sleeveless jacket by Lena Lichutina, white T-shirt - H&M, black shorts - H&M, slippers - Topshop, belt - Energie, a lacquered clutch has no name on it (I bought it at the stationery a month ago).

Lots of booze we had! Personally I had four glasses of a Scottish Stout beer. I hate myself for that! This is another pound to my belly!

 I love the interior design!

Me & Marilyn! Little did I know that I'd be in the same ridiculous situation some hours later that the queen Marilyn used to be! 
I had overslept  the entire movie! I guess that's because of all the booze I had last night. The only thing I remember is my beloved Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt.  He's become so hot over the years! I have been his biggest fan since I first saw the Greg Araki's 'gay soft porn' movie called "Mysterious Skin". It would be okay if only my friend wasn't a big boss. I respect his privacy, and the only thing I can say that he knows every Russian politician in person: our prime minister included!
I'm so proud of him! I know the way he started his career, and now he's such a great man who's making friends with the greatest men in our country! I don't envy him cause firstly he's my friend, secondly, I hate politics! If he made friends with Franca Sozzani I would accept it, but politicians are not my cup o tea. Really!
Can you imagine my hang-over the next day? Don't drink alcohol! Never! I said NEVAR!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


My beloved # 1 team of fashion minions, I'm so sorry  for all that moaning and whining I've been overloading you with for the past few weeks or so. But I just can't see another way of how to heal my collapsed mind but blogging about problems I have in my life. This is so therapeutic. 
Actually, I can't say they can  be fairly identified as problems, cause comparing to the REAL problems those families of two killed journalists (God, save their souls!) - Steven Sotloff  and Andrei Stenin - have faced, mine are just ridiculous. Rest in Peace, dear brothers - in - spirit! I wish their families as much courage as they are able to have! And I'm asking every powerful creature here and there or just people who know what sympathy means all around the world to support the families anyhow!!!!! 
On a different note,  the sh#t is bugging me inside and I can't help it. 
Maybe this is just a transitional point - a consequence  of some crisis men are naturally obliged to meet in their lifetime once in a while (thanks god we don't have MPs)? 
The thing is I dunno what to do! I'm lost!  I'm fed up with nine - to - five jobs they offer all the way round here in this pit aka Krasnodar, I'll do my best not to have them anymore in my entire life! They're so boring. Only if it's not Vogue or any other magazine I like (look at my sidebar, I have a great choice, yeah! Yeah? Can you hear me, sweeditor-in-chiefs over there in Harper's Bazaar, GQ, Port, TeenVogue, or even KVIR for me would be fine? No?).  I need to be occupied! NOW!!!! 
I thought about making blogging my only job, but come on, I cherish it as my dream hobby. And I'm not a businessman!
The path seems too narrow to me. I need more space. I thought I could go to Moscow or St. Petersburg,  or the USA, or any European country, but who's waiting for me there because of those f#cking sanctions and politics' sh#t. I'm just a clumsy little jerk who likes dressing up, but doesn't know how to nail (but I have many other strenghts). I don't have enough energy for a new "back to the drawing board" period. I'm too old for that! I sacrificed everything I used to have some years ago, but I can't say that I've reaped  a golden grain as a matter of fact. Of course, I don't regret anything, but still....
I feel like time is leaking though my fingers like water, but I haven't done anything yet! Anything which I could be proud of (except I have you here!!!). 
My English is crap. My French is even worse. I can't teach cause I hate  am scared of children. I can't work in a shop, cause I'm too shy. I have no selling skills. I'm absolutely unversed in maths or Science, or computers.  
Whatever the world could offer me, I'll reject everything except fashion, cause I'm born to be a sheikh's concubine. No, I'm even not good enough for that either,  cause I have developed an ugly paunch and I have those terrible pouches under my eyes. 
Heck! I want to be born a prince of an Arabic country in my second lifetime. Mother, give me  birth again! I need an upgrade! 
I think I also need to push borders in that field and create my own job opportunities for myself. 
Let's dream a bit: 
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I think I'd be an ideal 'fashion lazy-bone'. Actually this job opportunity is already occupied by socialites we see every day on Fashion TV (I love FT!). But, I'd beat them! Just get me Dior shoes, DKNY tank top, and these silver lacquered shorts by Isabel Yalda which I'm obsessed by. YSL coat on shoulders as a cherry on a pie. Voila! Milles mercis to my favourite fashion angel  -  Sonny Vandevelde for the photo. 

If you've ever had  the same promlem I'd be grateful for your advice. You know my e-mail. Thank you.

Post Scriptum: It's not that simple. I'm sure we have to work hard whatever industry we choose. And we're responsible for what we do.  I love y'all! Take care...

Maurice Chabale.