Morning stroll in the park, pet squirrels, modelling me...

check-and-plaid cotton trousers (Helen Lichutina), vintage scarf, velvet jacket (tailored in Britain)

Me, my mother, and my stepfather went for a stroll yesterday morning just to enjoy subzero temperatures. I have complicated feelings when it comes to a fall/winter season. I'm a huge fan of heat actually when the weather makes you break into sweat, but there are more oppotunities to give a better upgrade to your best clothes when cool temperatures are spreading all around the South which is cool, don't you agree? 
Especially when the  fall/winter collections are being in full swing by now (let's not talk about my purchases, I'm broke). 
I promise to look through all of the fresh fashion shows via GQ Russia website and and post my favourite looks on my little insolent online area (aka my website) as soon as possible (they'll be provided with my vain comments, of course, \lol/).
Revenons a nos moutons! On a side note, I've made a cheeky video when I'm desperately trying to make my own  fall/winter 2015 PRADA show. Do you wanna watch my modelling career flopping down the hill right then and there? Pure collapse, but it was fun. Let Freja Beha (I love her!) and Sasha Pivovarova (I adore her!) rock those runaway shows better than anyone else on the surface of this damn planet.  Click NEXT

But I love the catwalk area under open air and those weeping willows or what have you I found there though. 
Here are random photos I'd like to share with you. There's nothing more refreshing than walking in the park and enjoying nature at its finest. 

Here I am sitting on a wooden throne! Forest King  Maurice, werq that lewk bettah, you f#ckin' bastard!

I'm wearing a sweater by La Redoute 

"Совет да любовь"

I love that wedding tree.

Sorry? Is that a gigantesque Paco Rabanne dress or what?

Ah...I see know, that's how children are born!

My stepfather bumped into a tree where there were some squirrels on it.  He came along them with a little green apple he had picked up from the ground and tried to feed the rodents, they obeyed like pets. That was so hilarious how I was yelling and shouting while I was trying to do the same. I was scared to be infected with a mad squirrel desease in case they bite me. But luckily they were scared of me too and they didn't approach a sentimeter towards me. So I put the apple in their manger. I didn't intend to post this video online cause I respect my parents' privacy, so that's why you can hear me speaking Russian (for the 1st time I suppose), but since they allowed me to post it here, I  immediately did it.   Enjoy! 

That's all. 

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