Pink eye aka Conjuctivitis

It ain't funny anymore!!!! The end of this summer and the beginning of this fall has made me a really sick in bed person. Taking hoards of pills and vitamins is making me ill at ease. 
I've  become very conscious about my health for the past few  weeks which actually I should have done much earlier. I hate myself for ignoring all kinds of physical activities, and having snacks instead of proper healthy food. Yesterday it was just a flu, now it's turned into an ugly f#gly pink eye (formally known as conjuctivitis)  that I have. My ophthalmologist said that I've got the most serious form of it. If I don't follow her prescriptions, my poor vision  may become even worse (It seems that there's nothing worse than the vision I have:  I can't spot anything which is at out of my arm's length)
Oh boy! I would do anything and everything for getting my vim & vigor back. 
Tomorrow I'm going to go to the  again for the eye irrigation procedure or whatchamcallit. Then I'll drop by the photo center on my way back home to order some new business - cards. And after that I'm intending to browse sites. Get ready for the overload of posts about the recent fall/winter collections. 
On a side note, I've been looking for new sunglasses to hide  my damaged eye for the whole evening but I'm vacillating between Zarubka Wenge Blue Mirror & Legend Zebrano Brown  versions by a Russian brand Woodsun which specializes on manufacturing beatiful beautiful hand-crafted glasses made from wood. I first heard about them back in 2011 and have always wanted to have my own pair of customized sunglasses in a wooden frame since then, but alas I didn't have the opportunity  (don't ask me why). I've found a catalogue with the brand's pieces on DressOne website. They are shipping around Russia and countries - members of CIS,  using all the up-to-date payment facilities from CyberSpace to YandexMoney. Two weeks and you'll get your order by post. 

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Beauty is but skin-deep....

Zarubka Wenge Blue Mirror by Woodsun (photo via

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