Sin City Part II: A Dame to kill for aka My shameful experience

OMG OMG OMG OMG. I feel so embarrassed. You would never believe what happened to me yesterday night. Here I was sitting at home alone consoling myself, surfing the net for no reason at all, my phone woke up buzzying aroung here and there, but the thing is that I didn't expect anyone to call me up. I ignored the number though and answered the call intuitively. An old friend of mine was on the line actually. We haven't seen each other for ages. I used to have a crash on him, but it was in vain cause he's a straight guy from top to bottom.  I was happy to hear his voice ("the moment" has come, I thought, no more blondes but a twink's time has come). Alas! He just wanted me to join him to the cinema theatre. Heck! Nothing to do with that! It  was much better than staying at home alone, so I agreed. 
Me: What's the name of the film? 
Mr. Straight: Sin City. Part II
Me: I'm not a fan. 
Mr. Straight: You're gonna see me not the movie
Me: That's why I'm in
Mr. Straight: Shall I call the taxi?
Me: Nope, I'm Okay.
Mr. Straight: Ok. See ya then at 23-00, Krasnaya Plochjad'
Me: Are you dating with anyone?
Mr. Straight: Yes
Me: Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit...
Mr Straight: Sorry abt that, I wanna see ya
Me: You will...I'm ready. The driver is about to come. 
Mr. Straight: Ok. *kisses*
Me: Is she blond again? 
Mr. straight: Yasss! You know my passion.
Me: yep! I'll drink smth then. You pay. 
Mr. Straight: No prob

So we met at the bar at the "Krasnaya Plochjad'" place. It's the huge shopping mall which is near the place I live. They have H&M, Zara, Topman, Topshop and all the great cheap retailers with big names over there. The latest purchase I made was there actually. We arrived earlier, so Mr. Straight and his blond b#tch  girlfriend and her gay friend (yes! they wanted me to date him!!! He's uglier than the second hand clothes!) went to the nearest disco bar to spend time together, and to get acquainted. And unexpectedly, we had so much fun together. Watch the video Lesha (the blond's friend's name) made featuring ME ME ME and ME
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And here are some snas for your visual pleasure:

We really had fun! I'm drunk ((( Oh yeah...We have the same nose type, do we?

 Lesha won that pink #ss bear for me  (Ann).

I'm wearing sleeveless jacket by Lena Lichutina, white T-shirt - H&M, black shorts - H&M, slippers - Topshop, belt - Energie, a lacquered clutch has no name on it (I bought it at the stationery a month ago).

Lots of booze we had! Personally I had four glasses of a Scottish Stout beer. I hate myself for that! This is another pound to my belly!

 I love the interior design!

Me & Marilyn! Little did I know that I'd be in the same ridiculous situation some hours later that the queen Marilyn used to be! 
I had overslept  the entire movie! I guess that's because of all the booze I had last night. The only thing I remember is my beloved Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt.  He's become so hot over the years! I have been his biggest fan since I first saw the Greg Araki's 'gay soft porn' movie called "Mysterious Skin". It would be okay if only my friend wasn't a big boss. I respect his privacy, and the only thing I can say that he knows every Russian politician in person: our prime minister included!
I'm so proud of him! I know the way he started his career, and now he's such a great man who's making friends with the greatest men in our country! I don't envy him cause firstly he's my friend, secondly, I hate politics! If he made friends with Franca Sozzani I would accept it, but politicians are not my cup o tea. Really!
Can you imagine my hang-over the next day? Don't drink alcohol! Never! I said NEVAR!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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