The most hilarious skype session in my life!

Am I perverted or what? I feel like an old owl stuck in a kid's body, as far as I can't afford golden threads or injections, I need something different to feel myself younger. I'm obsessed about my age, you know it. What can be better for an old kid like MOI than meeting a young lover friend. 
Yesterday me & my friend Timothy from Michigan (who's about to be 20 y.o. soon!) spent the entire day online talking to each other via Skype. I rely on it so much when it comes to talking to my parents or friends. Who knew it could be also entertaining? 
This is a part of our conversation:

[07.09.2014 21:48:47] Me: have I missed yr answer? )
[07.09.2014 21:48:54] Me: abt shopping
[07.09.2014 21:49:11] Timothy: Oh, no. I haven't shopped yet.
[07.09.2014 21:49:21] Me: ah ok
[07.09.2014 21:49:35] Me: I wish we went shopping together)
[07.09.2014 21:49:54] Me: the clothes here is much more expensive than in the States
[07.09.2014 21:49:55] Me: I guess
[07.09.2014 21:49:57] Timothy: Shopping is always more information for me with someone else
[07.09.2014 21:50:14] Timothy: Really?
[07.09.2014 21:50:16] Me: I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE shopping. Shopping 4 me is better than sex
[07.09.2014 21:50:55] Me: yes because we don't have a lot of choice here. retailers are smart enough not to choose Krasnodar to exhibit)
[07.09.2014 21:51:04] Timothy: So if I was kissing on your next and a Louis Vuitton advertisement came on you'd stop me?
[07.09.2014 21:51:14] Timothy  Neck
[07.09.2014 21:51:43] Me: will Marc Jacobs be on the ads? )
[07.09.2014 21:51:49] Timothy: Perhapz
[07.09.2014 21:52:06] Me: I'll kiss you both in cheeks then
[07.09.2014 21:52:17] Timothy: Hehe
[07.09.2014 21:52:21] Me: lol
[07.09.2014 21:52:26] Timothy: I like that idea.

HILARIOUS, innit?! I love Marc Jacobs,  I really do. He inspires me a lot.  I don't know him in person but he seems to be very kind. I love that.
And I love this Vogue Voices video clip featuring Mr. Jacobs


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