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No, it's not me who's going to tie the knots. I'm sorry if I gave a false hope to anyone who's looking forward to get drunk at my wedding ceremony see me happily married as much as MOIself. Not this year though. A couple of months ago, my real - estate agent with a beautiful name - Taysya - asked me to interpret at her daughter's wedding cause the lucky b#tch  gurl (I love you, Anna!!!!) had lured a French hottie into a trap. Yes, French men don't like stupid blondes. They like good-looking dark-haired women with a ton of brain-cells and two higher educations at the least. Anna has both. 
Firstly,  I was like "I dunno", "I need to think", "Come on",  coz you all know I am the last person to be associated with the interpereter. I even can't remember what happened to me a minute ago leave alone a shitload of vocabulary the profession requires to keep inside your head. 
My English is crap, but my French is much crappier. 
But then I thought: I'd never attended such kind of ceremonies in my entire life, I won't lose that chance. And maybe her husband has some French gay colleagues who'll drive me far from this cesspit for a better place (Think Cap- Ferrat, Luxemburg, Paris, Cote-d'Ivoire or what have you...).
The problem is: I have nothing to wear! When I say this,  I mean that I don't have a piece of clothes which hadn't been shot before. It's too late to go to a tailor and it's too expensive. I don't have any clothes which might match the occasion. I mean what for? I don't go out so often.
Despite this whenever I go I always remain a rara avis type of boy who stands out of a crowd even if I am naked (Just joking!). If I wear my tailored tuxedo outside for a walk, I'm afraid of another nuclear exploision of anger and envy all around me.
I know I should have prepared beforehand. The wedding is on Saturday. I still need to choose a present for the newly-married birds. But when you're alone working 24 hours a day with no support under your feather it's not to easy to be prudent about anything and everything which comes in on your plate on a daily basis.
I'm doing my best though! On a different note, do you remember my post "Wind of change" where I wrote how I feel like something good's gonna happen soon.
I think one part of this 'good' thing has already knocked on my mail box. I've got a very seductive job offer from the place I adore (it's in Russia though, and it's not fashion but close to. Think about  David Beckham). Guess where? The person who guesses the place first will get a chance to meet me in person in a cafe (if you're in Krasnodar, of course). If you're not, I'll give you a kiss on your cheek when I'm at your place!
OMG! I'm so scared... I don't know. I've planned a trip there for the 10th of October and later, so I'll let your know if I go. I wish I could (*fingers crossed*).
How did you spend your holidays? As for me, I went to the closest seaside place but I ignored swimming cause it's already too cold for me to swim. I'm all for 45-50 degrees above zero temperatures when it comes to swimming. There's nothing worse than enjoying water when you're in and trembling like a paultry when out. Me and my close friend went to the barbeque place instead and pigged out over there till midnight. The very next day we went shopping for clothes (I helped him to choose the clothes from catalogues. Yes, like OTTO, or some old German ones where the old German elderly people order clothes.  I hate styling and giving advice, especially to people who are hard to change their mind, but I'm the only gay friend he has so I couldn't help it). We bought jeans and some plain shirts for him. He wanted shoes but prices were far from being moderate,  so he decided to look for another pair in a shopping mall next time.
By the end of the day I had been too tired to take pictures so I don't have anything to satisfy your viewing pleasure. But I have some pictures taken last year. I assure you, Novorossiysk is one of those places stuck in stagnation which never change. There's soft port over there.

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I'm kidding. Just good ol' me in the forest! I love my legs and I hate my tummy! Yuk...

 Sneakers by Bikkemberg's, pants that my mom bought on a flee market in Greece, jacket - Helen Lichutine

 The colours are fascinating!!!

Meet this slim & sexy American Gay Boy with an ugly smile:

 Jeans by Energie, shirt by Terranova, wathces by Calvin Klein

Jeans my mom bought on a flee market in Greece, watches by Calvin Klein, belt (no name), shirt by Sella, vest by Helen Lichutine

C'est tout!!! No thanks!

19/09/2014 UPDATE
I've got sick (the doctor said it looks like pneumonia), so I didn't go to the wedding. Better for me, I must save money for the winter coat, and boots. It's rather cold here in Kranodar. I'm sorry for the lack of updates. The only thing I want now is lying in bed and watching fav movies. Yesterday I watched the record number even for myself - 5 films!!! I'll try to get better soon with new entries. I love y'all.

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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