A bit of ART, anyone? 

Photo courtesy by Ella Dashkevich

I know my knowledge about art is just ridiculous. I can't tell the difference between Monet and Manet if you ask me to do so even in front of a shotgun. But art has always been the greatest source  of inspiration for me. 
That's why when one of my best friends Ella, whose work you can see above, told me she was launching a small 'secret business', I was the first person who persuaded her to unveil it on my humble personal area aka my blog. Because it's related to art! I actually see my personal obligation as a blogger to help  and support young talents all around the world. 
But before we talk about the business in detail, let me say a few words about Ella.
She's a young talented painter originally from Vologda (what? where's it? I don't care...somewhere near sexy Moscow). She is super nice and naturally beautiful. She's young, cheerful and kind.  She's a caring mother. Her husband is a millionaire (But she doesn't mind if he's replaced by a billionaire HA-HA. hush-hush). We've known each other for ages. And I know that Ella is not only a professional, but she's a really good friend. I love her! 
Okay, let's stop this f#gly ass licking. JK! 

Well, meet MOIself & Ella at my 1st apartment when  we were (oh God!) young and stydying at the University: 

Yes, I can still fit in this jacket after 5 years! And I want her eye-liner! Give it to me, betch! (JK!!!!!)

You better see her works below. She kindly allowed me to borrow some of her pictures (prematurely scanned for her website on a popular social networking site -  vk.com) and post them here. 
As you can see, her favourite genre is 'nature-morte'. But she takes custimized orders. She can paint anything you wish!  I 've personally ordered my portrait for the banner headline of my blog which is going to be redesigned in a few months. 
If you like Svetlana's art feel free to e-mail me - mauricechabale@google.ru - or contact her directly through her website for more information.  I assure you that the price is more than  adequate to quality of her works. Which picture do you like, BTW? 

I love y'all.

Faithfully yours,

Maurice Chabale

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