Agnes B: "Je m'appelle HMMM" 

There is nothing more exciting to me when I see people related to fashion industry being involved in discordantly opposite projects like movie industry, for instance,  where they have another opportunity  to express themselves even more than in making clothes.
I'm looking forward to watch "Je m'appelle HMMM" in full-length format, a movie directed by one of my favourite designers and stylists  - Agnes B.
 BTW, it has already been screened as part of the 51st New York Film Festival at Film Society of Lincoln Center last September. So, it is promising and I'm going to watch the film as I'm all for good ol' tear - jerkers cause I love them so much. Here is a trailer to preview what this film is about.

No thanks! I love y'all. Could you tell me your favourite movie made by a designer? Or made about a designer? E-mail me your answers. I'll appreiate that!!! My e-mail is -

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Maurice Chabale

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