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I'm working on some improvement of my blog site. I've already bought something for it. Then I'm currently working on some tech changes. Expect its having been revamped by the end of November. It'll have looked differently by that time I hope. And I hope you'll like it too. 

On a different note, while I've been clearing up my hard drive, I found some old photos of mine which unexpectedely seemed cute to me. So I decided to post them here for your visual satisfaction. 

Those were the days as they say!!! 

Interesting thing is that I used to try every possible style. I even don't wanna mention those crazy years at school when I dyed my hair every season using different colors: blond, dark chocolate, red, and even blue (hello, Léa Seydoux). 
Do you remember a verse from Madonna's "American life" which starts with this line: "I tried to be a girl...". Now let's change it a bit and sing after me (try to сopy MDNA's voice while singing for a funnier effect and click on the links below then): 

"ahhhhI tried to be  a wolf , I tried to be a cat, a fairy soldier too, and a wood goblin then, and after that I tried to be rebel like Eduard Limonov, it doesn't rhyme but F#ck it. Yeah..f#ck it. Then I tried, tried  to be a gay, tried to find a friend etc...!" LOL

But back to normal, not zoo-riented approach, I'd like to start my pornographic photographic report from back 2008 when I was studying at the University and getting my first bachelor degree (yes, I'm an educated b#tch - whatever you thought. ha-ha). 

I can say that my style has evolved by now. And I'm happy that I've always had an opportunity to play with different styles (thanks, mom!). So, comments away, let me show you ME ME ME in history: 


I was wavin' between rock and excentric styles like frantic and I love  my long dandelion-like hair

leather jacket, striped poplin trousers, white shirt (all by Helen Lichutina), socks (flee market), shoes (local market)

Do you wanna see me as a  trash rock star? Click NEXT

 leather jacket, vest with 'Master & Margarita' print (Helen Lichutina), jeans (O'Neil), silver accessories (bought in Christian church)

Gaydom forever!

Jeans (O'Neil), faux leather gloves (borrowed from my Granny), beanie and woolen sweater (Helen Lichutina), jeans vest (Second Hand shop), roll-neck sweater (Sella), sunglasses (borrowed from my photographer)

OMG I shouldn't smile
white jeans, shirt with a silver  crown (by Helen Lichutina)


I'm obsessed by classical style still and by growing my hair down

Wool pants, polyester jacket (by Helen Lichutina), poplin printed shirt (unknown), belt (CK), kerchief (GFFerre)

glasses (unknown), kerchief (GFFerre), a roll-neck sweater (Helen Lichutina)


I went nuts and I shaved my head bald. Fashion skinheads, unite! The reason is trivial:  it was really hot in Arkhangelsk (the place I was born)

 Cardigan (E. Zegna), shirt (Sella), vest and jeans (Helen Lichutina), belt (CK), sunglasses (Polaroid)

Shirt (Sella), high-waisted pants and jacket (by Helen Lichutina), shoes (local market)

In September I wanted to get my hair back and there was nothing to do than to become a rapper. That's when I fell in love with Kaney West and moved for Krasnodar: 

baseball cap, shorts (Second Hand shop), shirt & trainers (Energie), bracelet (a corner for punks and rockers in Central Shopping - mall in Arkhangelsk), belt (CK)

I preferred glamour to anything else when I was going out though: 

 clutch (E. Zegna), belt (CK), glasses (unknown), jacket (Helen Lichutina)

sunglasses (Matrix), shorts & vest (Helen Lichutina), shirt (bought in Vietnam), bag (Salvatore Ferragamo), calf footwear (Zender)

In November I went nerd for the 1st time and I love it: 

 rings (borrowed from my ex BFF), jeans jacket and  polyester sweater (MODIS), sneakers (Sketchers)


I met the beginning of the year in this faux leather jacket inspired by Gareth Pugh's collections. I'd call the whole look like a 'gayish sports style'. 

 bag (Reserved), trousers and faux leather jacket  (Helen Lichutina), sneakers (Sketchers), sweater (MODIS), scarf (borrowed from my ex BFF), beanie (Bikkembergs)

Bomber (Energie), bag (Reserved), scarf (MODIS), jeans (bought in London)

I changed the jacket for anorexia and multi - colored T-shirts' sake in between (August 2011). Let's go back to short hair again:

white T-shirt (Decathlon), plastic aviators (Matrix)

Anastasia Volochkova, can you see this? 
 linen shorts (Second hand shop), bag (Reserved), T-shirt (la Redoute), sandals (Centro)

shirt (Helen Lichutina), black jeans (bought in London), bag (Reserved)

God, I even tried a military style: 

Jeans, belt, sneakers (all by Energie), shirt (Terranova), bag (Reserved), watch (Calvin Klein), sunglasses (souvenir shop)


'Britney moment' came to me again and I shaved my head (with clippers!!!!) for New Year's  Eve. And I changed the frame of my glasses. 

 Cotton top (La Redoute), hat (Zara), scarf (flle market), over-sized trousers (Helen Lichutina)

trousers, roll-neck sweater, vest (by Helen Lichutina)

I lurve this photo: 

jeans (Energie), velvet jacket (Second Hand shop), beenie (Centro), sneakers (Sketchers), sports suit  (Decathlon)

This is a really frenzy year when I switched from style to style, from one hair style to another one. The epitope of this change was this Mickey beanie which I bought in a kids department in H&M  and a black biker jacket (Terranova)

biker jacket (terranova), beanie (H&M)

BTW, this is not my first Mickey Mouse experience in my life. That's when it all started, look
This year I also discovered a young genious photographer Charles Guislain. I was so inspired by this kid so that I decided to copy his hair style (I know I'm bad) but I couldn't help it. I didn't have enough patience to grow my hair like him so it didn't work so well as I expected: 

 T-shirt (la Redoute)

Then I was inspired by 'bitnik style':
silk kerchief (Modis), shirt and shorts(bought in Barcelona), belt (Energie), clutch (E. Zegna), sunglasses (H&M)

This look is inspired by modern art

white roll-neck cotton sweater (MODIS), glasses in wooden frame & faux leather bag (MODIS), woolen coat (bough in London), faux leather tippet (Helen Lichutina)


When I decided to go to Ukraine in the beginning of the year I said to myself: "Get it all plain and simple, betch". 
 shirt (MODIS)

 jeans (Energie), boots (Centro), shirt & sweater & scarf (MODIS)

tracksuit pants, cardigan, shirt (all by MODIS)

So did I except this. (Though even this look looks innocent, innit?)

woolen vest (helen Lichutina), shirt (MODIS), leather bracelet (Hermes), trousers (thrift store), faux rabbit fur ears (Christmas souvenir stand)

Then I went to Istanbul, Turkey I didn't want to be shy at all (you know the reason. hint: it's hot and strong). Time for colors has come. My favourite look is this: 

polo shirt (Calvin Klein), national Turkish head-gear, bracelets (gift from my mom), sunglasses (bought in a shopping mall called Lanta)

You can see the rest of the photo report in the post I had written before. 
The looks below reflect my current state when I'm obsessed by new dandy style, and sleeveless jackets and something else I'm gonna tell you about in the following posts as soon as I can: 

I'm moving forward and I don't wanna stop. There are so  many  styles to play with, lots of clothes to wear. 
I'd like you to e-mail me and tell which of the looks you liked most of all. Thanks!!! 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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