Person of the Day: Bozhena Rynska

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I'm starting a new category on my humble personal area where I'm going to write about people I like or who inspire me somehow or whose personal life experience is exemplaire for me. And let me introduce you to the first name - Bozhena Rynska. 
Frankly speaking,  I was not interested in her personality so much till the moment I heard that Naomi Campbell's syndrome had striken her when she tried to attack an NTV reporter or he attacked her blah-blah-blah. 

September 11 2013 Bozhena and her husband Igor Malashenko, according to Moscow police, attacked an NTV reporter and cameraman in Bozhena`s house`s yard at Lesnaya st.. They took away the reporter`s microphone and beat him. Rynska and Malashenko charged that they couldn`t get rid of the importunate journalists, who were waiting for them near the house. Novaya Gazeta characterized the NTV journalists` methods of work as “far from professional” and Bozhena`s behavior as a “furious animal`s reaction”.

Source: FLB, 11.09.2013

Scandal is the best PR as they say. So the incident drew my attention. I googled her name and found her infamous blog.
I actually don't care what's going on in the blogosphere in Russia, but gosh, her blog is so sticky. I've spent hours reading it. This outrageous woman calls Putin "посредственным....жучок" (excuse my French; but I'd literally interprete this as  "a mediocre bug") live!!!! She literally had a fight with a man (as far as I can see her Hermes bag was involved). She used to date a Russian billionnaire. She is making friends with the most influential people in Russia. I love, I love Bozhena!!!! I think she's really 'russe'.  She's my personal hero. And she must be 'it person', and not the ones you might see before Fashion Month in Paris and Milan starts.  


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