"A portrait" 

Hello, sugarbabes! I've just returned from a performance venue where I saw a solo performance made by a famous Russian actor  - Ravil Giljazetdinov. All I have after the show is emotions! I'm not a very enthusiastic theatre - goer, but this time I just didn't want to stay at home,  when Russians are celebrating  Mother's Day, so I felt like going to "A Theatre" ("ОДИН ТЕАТР") - a very popular venue  in the city where one can see only selected shows based on clasics, or pieces derived from modern litterature.  This time they showed a performance based on Nicolay Gogol's novel called "A portrait". 
I can say that I'm not dissapointed and some day I will come back there again. That's for sure. If you are in Krasnodar, please come visit "A Theatre" place. You'll like it! 

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Phone talk with a rep. from Just Cavalli corner in Krasnodar

Me: Hello. I'd like to precise information I got on geometria.ru about tomorrow's event you're organizing. What time is the event held. Is it a private event?
JC Rep: We are already opened. It's free. So, come.
Me: I'd like to take some shots. I'm a blogger and would like to write about the event (in my mind there was a line: for free!). Is  it possible?
JC Rep: What's your website's URL?
Me: I could send you the link.
JC: I'm just asking because there are some people who profit from counterfeiting us.
Me: No, please, stay calm. I'm not interested in that. You'll see after you check my blog.  I just want to come and write about the event. That's it!

A few hours later I texted her.

Me: Would you be so kind to tell me what time is better to come visit you?
JC Rep: Come, but no photos allowed. We also don't want to advertise on your website.

 P.S: What a rude betch! How dew think whether I should answer her back or not? 
It is her right, yes, to advertise or not to advertise on my website! I agree. But  I even didn't offer her the sh#t. It would cost her to advertise on my site! I just said in a very polite way that I wanted to visit their f#cking corner (coz I'm bored actually) and take a photo of myself holding a Cavalli bag. Is it too much? 

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My first experience in journalism: Edouard Khudoev from LLC "MAMMAE" for Maurice Chabale. Exclusive interview!

Guys, I'm thrilled to announce that since now I've launched a new project called "Fashion Krasnodar" where I'm going to satisfy your visual pleasure with a serie of stories. All of them are in form of an interview with interesting people who are somehow related to the industry. And the first person I made interview with is Edouard Khudoev.

Edouard is one of the most successful businessmen in Krasnodar Region, he’s a talented operating surgeon, and head of the LLC “Mammae” – a unique wide-profile oncology center.

I first met Edouard a few months ago when, over our common friend, he asked me to help him with his French. He already knows 6 languages (just fancy!). I didn’t know who he was at first (shame on me!), but when I knew I was thrilled to be so lucky because he’s come my way. We met and that’s the first thing which crossed my mind at that moment: do such men of such a kind nature, of high-profile humanism, mixed with a good sense of humor and undisputable professionalism exist or, by some magic, am I brought back to the Renaissance? So I agreed without thinking. And, immediately asked him to give me a short interview, which I’m posting online, and he kindly agreed. This is my first interview I’m conducting in my entire life! Unfortunately, I had left my camera at home, and my iPhone was being used as a tape-recorder while this interview, so I had to borrow pictures from different web-resources except the first one you can see above.

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MC: МАММЭ исполнилось семь лет – это весомый срок. С чем я Вас и поздравляю! Что для Вас является положительной динамикой в работе клиники сейчас по сравнению с 2007г., когда Вы начинали свой путь? Ведь Ваш опыт уникален ввиду того, что МАММЭ – первый частный онкоцентр не только в Крае, но и в России.

LLC “MAMMAE” has reached its 7 years old milestone which is just immense. My congratulations! According to you, what have you positively achieved since 2007 when you launched your business? As I know, LLC “MAMMAE” is the first and the only privately – owned oncology center in the whole Region and in Russia in general? It’s a unique experience.

EH: Все дело в том, что развитие зависит от той политики, которую Вы изберете, и которая ляжет в основу Вашей работы. Если у Вас политика "порядочности и уважения интереса пациентов" (которая превыше всего), то тогда рост будет медленный, но уверенный. Если Вы изберете политику некоторых других частных организаций, клиник (я не буду говорить каких), то этот рост может быть быстрым, молниеносным, но насколько он будет качественным, это остается под большим вопросом и сомнением. Я думаю, что основное понятие в данном вопросе – это защита интересов пациентов, их здоровья, и, в-третьих, - контроль качества. За семь лет мы, во-первых, увеличили количество персонала, который работает в новом учреждении: потому что мы начинали с малого количества (прим ред. - персонала), теперь в клинике успешно работает около ста человек. Развиваются постоянно разные спектры хирургии: мы занимаемся всей онкологией, которая есть (за исключением, пожалуй, онкологии легких). Мы занимаемся химиотерапией, у нас есть хирургия гинекологическая, маммологическая. Открыли новое направление – это лор-хирургия.

You know, the thing is that everything depends on the main direction a company chooses. If you move in the direction of your client’s respect and of decency, you will be growing slowly but confidently. Some companies (that I won’t name) count on a quick grow, but their QoS is questionable & doubtful. I think that the most important things we must take into consideration are these: patients’ protection, protection of their health, and thirdly quality control. After 7 years gone a number of our clinic staff has increased, we multiplied a number of people who are working with us in a new building: because we started as a small company, but now there are about 100 people who are successfully working for MAMMAE. We are developing different branches of surgery. We deal with all possible kinds of oncology (except lung cancer oncology). We are working with CTX, gynecology, mammology. Also we have developed a new branch of ENT surgery.

Photo courtesy: eduardkhudoev.ru

MC: Что сейчас запланировано клиникой, и Вами лично, как руководителем? Может быть, выход на международный уровень?

What are you planning to do in the nearest future? Do you have any ambitions to show up in Europe with your business?

EH: Нет, на международный уровень нет. На европейский уровень мы выходить просто не можем, потому что у нас другие стандарты, другие возможности. Но стремиться к этому нужно, хотя не всегда европейское – это есть хорошее. Поэтому нужно делать свое дело, которое будет лучше, чем это есть в Европе. Поэтому надо стараться. Расти будем, потому что очень многие пациенты, которых мы раньше оперировали, лечили, занимались, они приводят своих родственников с разными проблемами, которые толкают нас на мысль открыть новое направление, чтобы помочь им в наиболее эффективной мере. То есть, таким образом, мы и развиваемся.

No, we haven’t planned it yet, because we can’t do this because of opposite standards here and there, and because of that we don’t have enough opportunities. But wishing a world success is worth striving for it, although if something is labelled “made in Europe”, it doesn’t necessarily mean ‘well-made’. That’s why one should do what he needs to do, and to work for making his business better than they make it abroad. We are working in that direction actually. We are growing thanks to our clients who had been operated, cured, treated in MAMMAE before, then they all bring to our center their relatives who have some difficulties, and we always try to help them here. That’s the reason why we open new branches, for example.

Photo courtesy: eduardkhudoev.ru

MC: Вы говорите о «других возможностях». Всегда ли это значит, что частная клиника - это обязательно собственный бюджет и т.д. Получаете ли Вы какую-то государственную поддержку?

When you mentioned that you “ don’t have enough opportunities” , did you mean that privately – owned company always involves a self - supporting budget? Does the Government support you anyhow?

EH: Нет. Мы никакую государственную поддержку не получаем, потому что мы не работаем ни с фондами обязательного медицинского страхования, мы не получаем квоты от государства. То есть это - 100% частные инвестиции. И самое главное, что в данном случае нужно просто рационально использовать свои финансовые средства, и всегда перед вложением денег нужно обязательно понимать ситуацию на рынке, ситуацию, которую ты можешь анализировать, во что нужно вкладывать деньги, и как эти деньги будут в дальнейшем работать.

No, we are independent from the Government completely, because we either don’t work with Compulsory Medical Insurance Funds or we don’t get any governmental quota shares. Private investment is what we have. The most important thing you, as a head of a company, can do to help yourself is cleverly redistribute your company’s resources. There are many things like situation on the market, for example, or whatever, which must be analyzed. Only after that you must decide , whether it makes sense to invest money or not.

Photo courtesy: eduardkhudoev.ru

MC: Мне бы хотелось поговорить о так называемой эстетической хирургии. Многие сейчас - и мужчины, и женщины, – активно прибегают к пластике. Это ни для кого сейчас не новость. Не могли бы вы прокомментировать этот момент.

I would like to talk about so called esthetic surgery. Nowadays it’s not a secret that both men and women use this kind of surgery voluntarily and sometimes quite excessively. Could you comment on that, please?

EH: Вы знаете, маммопластикой люди, почему-то, занимаются не столь профессионально, как хотелось бы. Дело в том, что некоторые, закончив какие-то курсы, начинают думать, что они могут заниматься маммоплатикой – это самое легкое, по их мнению. Нет. На сегодняшний день - это не самый легкий вид пластики, потому что молочную железу надо знать не только внешне, но и внутренне. И дело в том, что у нас в клинике собрались специалисты, которые занимаются не только пластической хирургией, но и реконструктивно-пластической хирургией. Они – онкологи, маммологи, которые занимаются молочной железой, мы знаем ее лучше. То есть у нас, как бы, некий микс такой. Мы и лечим, и оперируем, и делаем косметику, - все вместе. Поэтому нам проще. Это направление актуально, конечно.

You know, nowadays people who make mammoplasty aren’t professional enough as they’re expected to be, I dare to say. Most of them think that if they graduate from some medical courses , that gives them a unique right to be working in that field, because they think mammoplasty is the simplest operation to conduct, though it’s not. And we realize that a lactiferous gland needs a very deep professional inspection both from inside and outside. It gets much knowledge. In our center we have collected specialists who specialize not only in plastic surgery, but also in anaplasticy. They are cancer specialist, breast specialists. It’s a mix. We cure, we operate, we make plasty, it is all what we are in. That’s why it’s easier for us than for anybody else, maybe. Plastic surgery is popular, of course.

Photo courtesy: nebokubani.ru

MC: Какое на сегодняшний день направление является приоритетным в клинике «МАММЭ?

What is the most successful and highly estimated branch among people who come to MAMMAE: is it oncology or plastic surgery?

EH: Мы сейчас стали заниматься, в частности, я начал заниматься работой с трансгендерами. Это люди, которые хотят изменить свой пол. Этих больных много. У них очень большие проблемы. Из-за этого они летают по всей России. Поэтому мы стали заниматься этим вопросом здесь, и уже удачно провели четыре операции на юге России по смене пола.

We’ve launched a new branch where we help transgender people, people who want to change their sex. There are many such kind of people all around Russia. They face many problems, that’s why they travel all around the country to find professional help. We have started to work in that field to conduct 4 transgender operations.

MC: Это замечательно!

That’s is wonderful!

В заключение, хотелось бы преподнести Вам небольшой подарок. Я знаю, что Вы любите читать классику и историческую литературу. Я долго выбирал между Б. Акуниным и самым популярным французским автором Марком Леви. Но выбрал все-таки последнего. Так как мой выбор пал на то произведение, которое мне бы самому хотелось прочесть. Надеюсь, Вам понравится. Спасибо за увлекательную беседу.

To finish out talk I’d like to present you a book. I know you like reading historical novels and classics. It took me a lot of time to choose between B. Akounin and MarkLevy, but I finally chose the most popular French author, because I would like to read it myself. Thank you!

EH: Спасибо Вам. Очень приятно. Всего доброго.

Thank you. I’m very pleased. Good luck.

P.S: I'm sooooo excited. If only you could see how stressed I was when the interview started, but then for Edouard being a very comfortable person to be interviewed, I relaxed very soon. I hope there is something some of you might find useful for your personal purposes, so feel free to contact me if you need Edouard's help. I would appreciate that you mention MOI MOI MOI MOI then. I'd be glad to help.

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A luminous flux of words: my new story

Photo taken by famous Chinese contemporary photographer Bai Yiluo (source: artscenechina.com)

Hello, cuties! You might notice that I'm a night type of a person. Most of my stories were written when it was pitch-dark outside, that is when I usually get inspiration. Last night was not an exception. Sitting in front of my laptop I once felt indescribably enchanted. There was a light which passed through my small brain like a luminous flux of words which finally helped to have a full story born which you're gonna read below.

Don't judge me too trictly! I'm not a professional writer or editor. I am absolutely illiterate. But I think the idea in this story is quite clear. But nevertheless I hope you'll like it. I'm dedicating this story to every single soul in this f#gling world!

And one more thing - those who don't speak Russian, please pardon me for I'm posting it in Russian. I would appreciate if some kind soul who is too much inspired like myself, would translate this story into English and send it to me via e-mail. Coz my level is not enough to write stories in English for the moment.

Чувства и сеть: или не сжигайте списки в голове!

Все мы хотим найти свою половину. Хотя каламбур, заключенный в данной фразе, заставляет содрогнуться каждую частичку моего тела, поскольку для меня человек - существо самодостаточное, цельное, рожденное изначально свободным, и никакая половина ему не нужна вовсе. То, что ему нужно - это все что угодно: груз, который свободе нашей не дает улететь в небесные дали слишком далеко, а то задохнемся; это - глоток свежего воздуха в душном пространстве бытия; это, в конце концов, панацея на всю жизнь (так мы думаем) от гнетущего страха перед смертью, который мы приобретаем уже с рождения, как уверяют нас некоторые умы, - но только не пресловутая "половина". Боже упаси! Вроде бы все так просто. Выйди на улицу, улыбнись первому встречному (предварительно посмотрев на наличие кольца на безымянном пальце правой руки), и заяви ему в лоб: ты одинок? Ответ - Да. И я одинока - давай будем вместе? А, нет! Не тут-то было. Мы так устроены, что хотим, чтобы в нашем спутнике жизни совмещались такие качества, как: верность, доброта, чувственность, щедрость, и так до бесконечности. Я уверена: у каждого найдется за пазухой мозговых полушарий свой собственный список. И желательно, чтобы все эти качества в данном списке совмещались в одном человеке - все вместе. И таким образом, получился бы некий "идеальный портрет", одна мысль о котором заставляет нас трепетать, и не дает нашим чреслам покоя. Но, увы!

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Natalia Vodianova is Glamour Woman of the year 2014: Congratulations,  Natalia! 

I'm crying while watching Nataly being on stage. IMHO, this woman deserves every prize and every award destined to a female human being who's fighting for rights of people 'with special needs'. She's inspiring many people all around the globe with her story, and her beauty is just a tool to make the world a better place. I'm happy that people with those tools exist. It's not an advertised content of mine! There is nothing promotional in every written word here. I'm absolutely natural when I'm dedicating my online speech to Nataly and such women of her kind like Ljubov Argus, a famous Russian film - maker who created a film about an autistic young guy who struggled for his life for other people's  blind eyes and ignorance of his problems. I'm sure that those people are monority, and  the mojority is much kinder and sensitive to other human's needs.  I think those two great women's deeds are of that type that money can't buy. They're actually Spider-women of our generation and I love them. They'll save the world!  I think you should  support their foundations: Naked Hearts by N. Vodyanova, and "Anton tut ryadom" by L. Arkus. I hope our eyes will will open face to the problems Nataly is speaking about. Piece! 

P. S; Is nataly wearing a Gucci piece or what? Answers on e-mail plz!

Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale

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Happy Sasha's Day!

top by Amato Wear, woolen trousers by Helena Lichutina, sun-glasses by Ray Ban

No,  I don't mean Sasha Grey here! I mean myself. Actually I mean my birthday which happened four days ago. 
The older I get, the more insecure I feel about my age. And therefore the more reluctant I become when it comes to organizing my birthday celebration event.  Two days before the 12th of November I was running errands without thinking about my birthday at all. If at the puberty age when I used to be a  heat-spotted youngster who was hugely obsessed by Jil Sander's shows and by androgyn models with kindly neat skin and  immaculately gelled hair in cotrast to it I liked crazy alcohol-bound parties where even people I didn't know actually were kindly welcomed, now my love to Jil Sander is still growing from show to show, but my attitude to patries has completely changed: a glass of red wine is more than enough, and there is no more than two people invited, me included. It's become a good tendancy, I guess, when only me and my closest friend is with me on this particular day.
I won't reveal his name, and I hope you don't mind that. I love him to bits and I respect his privacy. Besides, he's a 'serious' guy. 
I woke up early in the morning and immediately unpacked a parcel from my parents which had come earlier. Inside, there was a Nordland professional parka by Columbia (it's getting cold in here), two gorgeous embedded images of Jesus Christ, raspberry  fleece slippers, a knitwear piece by Sella (I'm not a fan, but this piece is really nice and pretty warm), and two pairs of woolen  trousers which my mom had bought in a real local fabric manifacture and trasformed them into cute slims which tenderly embrace my fat hairy legs like Tyra embraced  John back in 1994 for El Reed's lens on this shot. God, it was divine! Unpacking, I mean...
You better see my treasures yourself: 

Queen AW 

Y'all probably don't know that being gay is not necessarily an equivalent of a mediocre chauvinism. I like women. I really like them especially if they are bee-queens of hilghly embellished,  of 100 % pure chic style. 
I was foaming with delight when staring at pictures posted on one of my favourite fashion resources - Buro 24/7 -   from recently finished high-profile events in NYC. If you haven't heard of them yet, let me remind you of Guggenheim International Gala Pre - Party (where you could get in by paying just 500$ for a VIP ticket) and Dior-sponsored gala dinner at Guggenheim (you can find the details on their website) where Anna Wintour was the chiccest lady, I bet. She also made a royal appearance at an event organized in honor of Celebrating Louis Vuitton Monogram Collection. The event was quite unusual: it was kind of a photoshoot designed by legendary photographer Patric Demacherlier specially for Instagram. I can't even decide where I like Anna more: with Raf Simons or with Nicolas Ghesquière?

Photos via Buro 24/7

P. S: I would die if I were Nicolas at that moment. Was he or Mr. Demacherlier telling her a dirty joke when she was shot to make her smile like that or what? Her smile is priceless as well as her necklaces (think I'm a fan), no?

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1)  Anna Wintour at Late Night with Seth Meyers;
2) The Met Circus Gala 2015;
3) Queen AW;
4) Anna Wintour "Full adress".

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Audiotracks from Maurice: November  2014

I'm launching a new music - bound category on my site. I hope you'll be enjoying it. I've picked up some tracks for you that I would keep buying on iTunes myself, and, of course,  I'm keeping all of them inside a special shortcut on my desktop and playing them on whenever I'm at  home. Enjoy!

DJ Nil feat Mischa "You will not know"

Sam Smith "Money on my mind"

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Skillset's potluck party 

Many of you  are aware of my endless love to English men? , cocks??, men's  cocks???  -  language , of course! (kiddin'kiddin'kiddin'). Frankly speaking, I started this blog just because I wanted to try  my written skills in practice. To put my level of the language plebs isn't allowed to speak on the top if I may say so... (kiddin'kiddin'kiddin' again). Coz I'm 100% blebs and I'm still desperate to speak the language fluently. Maybe because I don't have an English speaking husband or I'm not living in America? 
So, chill! 
Initially the main reason was, of course, to find many  English-speaking friends all around the globe (I'm more successful in this field). Fashion polyglots, unite! Ha-ha, but I love you even if you don't speak the language which the hottest man living  on the surface of this f#cking planet - Prince -  God -  Bless  - Him - Coz - He - Has -  99, 9% - Huge - Cut - Cock -  Harry and many others whom mention I them all on this webpage, there won't be any more space for my further verbal diahrea. So, revenons a nos moutons as they say then! To the point, Maurice...Closer to the point!
I used to work in a place where the atmosphere was really special. I loved it very much. Actually this was my only nine-to-five job (in fact, it was six-to-eleven but who cares) and I'm excited about it. But everything seems better from a distance, you know and now I'm just working as a freelance consultant for the company! There were some huge advantages there, obviously. I don't regret anything! 
So lucky I was to be invited to Skillset's  potluck party which took place yesterday evening. Skillset - is a franchizing chain of English schools  which is very popular here in Russia. They have headquarters everywhere from St-Petersburg to Kolomna. For Russia it's very unusual. I'd bring my children to study English there if I had them, for sure, especially toddlers, because of the new techniques and approaches in teaching targeted to youngsters. 
So, I'd like to show you some videos taken on my new baby - phone whilst the show the teachers had prepared. I cdid my bit too.  My hands were terribly shaking because of all the crazy stuff which was going on there. I had hardly spit on the phone's touch screen twice or thrice coz  I giggled tirelessly here & there . 

On the video below you can see two participants of the contest I personally introduced. The rules are simple, so if you want to practice it at your friend's birthday party or somewhere else to entertain yourself and your friends, feel free to use this game coz it worked perfectly for us. 
Back to the rules: they are quite simple. A guide must prepare many cards with different situations on them (For ex., An old wealthy tranny is trying to seduce a toy boy, a divorced couple meets up in the street etc). The funnier the situations are - the more fun you'll have. Then the formely said guide chooses two contestants from a group in case there are several groups who participate. They choose a card and read the dialogue (which had been prepared by the guide beforehand too and given to them on the worksheets or sticked to the blackboard) in a way presented on their card. Have fun! If you like this video, follow my Instagram to see more videos for fun and giggles. There's an interesting video interpretation of a westernized fairy - tale - "Sleeping Beauty". 

Faithfully yours. 

Maurice Chabale

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A blogging legend and a legendary blogger: 10 years on the inner side. 

photo courtesy: bryanboy.com

This post is my personal dedication to one of the most influential people in the fashion world who needs no introduction. Mr. BryanBoy (also known as Bryan Grey Yambao) hit a 10 y.o. milestone of blogging a few days ago, actually, 2004 October, 27 is the date which has been interweaven with golden letters in the annals of fashion history. This is the very day Bryan started his blog as a travel journal after he had attempted a trip to Moscow, Russia (quite a risky attempt I must say, but he's never shy when it comes to risky deeds). And, frankly speaking, I feel so proud of my country in terms of that. 
Were lots of countries around the globe been marked as 'done' furthermore on BryanBoy's personal map and which he's been  visiting throughout his successful career.
All fashionistas must be thankful to Bryan, coz that's him who 'opened the doors' and pushed the boundaries away by, according to Suzy Menkez, 'democratizing fashion', and according to the media, 'being a pioneer of  fashion blogging', but this is not his only advantage in the field. He has an eye on what's ''hot" (speaking in Paris Hilton's terms) nowadays. He has a voice which is heard by millions of people. He is evidently accepted by the fashion circles no matter what  they say. His way deserves a ceaseless applause: it's not an easy way to get started from rags of the Third World to become a NYC-based heavyweight. Much work has been involved in that.  That's for sure! 
Moving around from show to show during CFM (Crazy Fashion Month), appearances, meetings with fans, photoshoots, and so on and so forth,  is what Bryan is bound around on a regular basis to satisfy a visual pleasure of more than 546K followers of his Twitter account, not to mention his Instagram, and, of course, his personal website - BryanBoy.com
But whatever project he's in, it promises to be spectacular and super fabulous thanks to his individual approach to that. And it certainly is! Just let me remind you of a few of his recent projects: judging at the 19th cycle of America’s Next Top Model, collaborating with Adrienne Landau for creating an exquisite collection of fur accessories, teaming with Teen Vogue for 'BryanBoy Goes to College' series (which I personally enjoy very much!). 
What attracts me in him most of all is that he respects designers, people who work with him, he is really passionate about what he's doing,  which is clearly seen in his posts I religiously read every day. At the same time he's funny, natural, and  unobtrusive (this word is used in a positive context). He's been influential on many people both who come from inside the fashion industry and from its outside. He's influenced me. I would never be open and free in expressing myself without his help (quite subjective one, of course, coz we have never met in person, but I hope we'll do some day)! 
This is what every blogger must inherit from a real professional. 
And, of course, his unique style that has seriously evolved. From a 'Gay Queen'  to a "Serious enterpreneur",  if to be exact. And it's also ceaselessly captivating to observe that change in him as a person and as a brand (if I may say so). I've collected some of my favourite looks Bryan would geniously create and blog about without a help of a personal assistant (!!!). Photo courtesy: Bryanboy.com and Yandex (I'm sorry, I' m too lazy to find an original version of the photo to link it with the photographer who made it). 

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I'm absolutely sure that friends come and go. Once born we inevitably are destined to meet amazing people who put impact on our life. I used to have such people here and there, I'm so grateful to them having  come across my way. Most of the people you can see on-screen, I've already  lost track of them, but they're still in my mind and will stay there forever.  Oh those cherished dreams... . I miss you so much. And I feel so sorry for not being in touch with you anymore. If you are reading this right at the moment, please,  e-mail me. I love you. 

This is my 21st birthday, and we're all in my apartment in Arkhangelsk (my native town) playing "guess where you are in" game. The rules of the game are quite simple: there are small cards titled with the name of a place which is supposed to be the place you are in at the moment of the game (it can be whatever you wish, but the kinkier the place is  - the better, we chose such places as: 'crematorium', 'delivery room', 'WC' etc.). The thing is that the cards must be prepared beforehand and the contestants mustn't know the rules of the game yet. Either the odd man out prepares the card, or the participants, it doesn't really matter. The cards are placed next to each contestant who are indisposed to see these cards. . They choose an 'it' contestant each time. The other contestants must ask questions till the "it" person guesses the place where he/she is in. Enjoy the process. It's really funny.

I love y'all 
Maurice Chabale

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