A blogging legend and a legendary blogger: 10 years on the inner side. 

photo courtesy: bryanboy.com

This post is my personal dedication to one of the most influential people in the fashion world who needs no introduction. Mr. BryanBoy (also known as Bryan Grey Yambao) hit a 10 y.o. milestone of blogging a few days ago, actually, 2004 October, 27 is the date which has been interweaven with golden letters in the annals of fashion history. This is the very day Bryan started his blog as a travel journal after he had attempted a trip to Moscow, Russia (quite a risky attempt I must say, but he's never shy when it comes to risky deeds). And, frankly speaking, I feel so proud of my country in terms of that. 
Were lots of countries around the globe been marked as 'done' furthermore on BryanBoy's personal map and which he's been  visiting throughout his successful career.
All fashionistas must be thankful to Bryan, coz that's him who 'opened the doors' and pushed the boundaries away by, according to Suzy Menkez, 'democratizing fashion', and according to the media, 'being a pioneer of  fashion blogging', but this is not his only advantage in the field. He has an eye on what's ''hot" (speaking in Paris Hilton's terms) nowadays. He has a voice which is heard by millions of people. He is evidently accepted by the fashion circles no matter what  they say. His way deserves a ceaseless applause: it's not an easy way to get started from rags of the Third World to become a NYC-based heavyweight. Much work has been involved in that.  That's for sure! 
Moving around from show to show during CFM (Crazy Fashion Month), appearances, meetings with fans, photoshoots, and so on and so forth,  is what Bryan is bound around on a regular basis to satisfy a visual pleasure of more than 546K followers of his Twitter account, not to mention his Instagram, and, of course, his personal website - BryanBoy.com
But whatever project he's in, it promises to be spectacular and super fabulous thanks to his individual approach to that. And it certainly is! Just let me remind you of a few of his recent projects: judging at the 19th cycle of America’s Next Top Model, collaborating with Adrienne Landau for creating an exquisite collection of fur accessories, teaming with Teen Vogue for 'BryanBoy Goes to College' series (which I personally enjoy very much!). 
What attracts me in him most of all is that he respects designers, people who work with him, he is really passionate about what he's doing,  which is clearly seen in his posts I religiously read every day. At the same time he's funny, natural, and  unobtrusive (this word is used in a positive context). He's been influential on many people both who come from inside the fashion industry and from its outside. He's influenced me. I would never be open and free in expressing myself without his help (quite subjective one, of course, coz we have never met in person, but I hope we'll do some day)! 
This is what every blogger must inherit from a real professional. 
And, of course, his unique style that has seriously evolved. From a 'Gay Queen'  to a "Serious enterpreneur",  if to be exact. And it's also ceaselessly captivating to observe that change in him as a person and as a brand (if I may say so). I've collected some of my favourite looks Bryan would geniously create and blog about without a help of a personal assistant (!!!). Photo courtesy: Bryanboy.com and Yandex (I'm sorry, I' m too lazy to find an original version of the photo to link it with the photographer who made it). 

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Here's to 10 more years to follow, Bryan! I wish you all the best! And We all love U! Baboosh! 

Faithfully yours,

Maurice Chabale

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