"A portrait" 

Hello, sugarbabes! I've just returned from a performance venue where I saw a solo performance made by a famous Russian actor  - Ravil Giljazetdinov. All I have after the show is emotions! I'm not a very enthusiastic theatre - goer, but this time I just didn't want to stay at home,  when Russians are celebrating  Mother's Day, so I felt like going to "A Theatre" ("ОДИН ТЕАТР") - a very popular venue  in the city where one can see only selected shows based on clasics, or pieces derived from modern litterature.  This time they showed a performance based on Nicolay Gogol's novel called "A portrait". 
I can say that I'm not dissapointed and some day I will come back there again. That's for sure. If you are in Krasnodar, please come visit "A Theatre" place. You'll like it! 

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Firstly,  I went to my favourite food chain "RIS" to have these amazying cheese nuggets with a sauce made from honey and mustard for lunch. 


Then when I entered inside the building I saw this nice poem on the wall: 

There I met one of my former students and her BBF kindly agreed to take a snap of me right next to the venue's logo.  

I love this shot very much!

 The reason why I wanted to go ous is this wonderful embroidered vest:

After the performance I went for a night stroll along the city center: 


Me and my mom in OZ mall back in 2013, August! Oh that sunburn! We look like boiled omars. LOL


Happy Mother's Day! I love y'all!

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Faithfully yours,

Maurice Chabale


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