Happy Sasha's Day!

top by Amato Wear, woolen trousers by Helena Lichutina, sun-glasses by Ray Ban

No,  I don't mean Sasha Grey here! I mean myself. Actually I mean my birthday which happened four days ago. 
The older I get, the more insecure I feel about my age. And therefore the more reluctant I become when it comes to organizing my birthday celebration event.  Two days before the 12th of November I was running errands without thinking about my birthday at all. If at the puberty age when I used to be a  heat-spotted youngster who was hugely obsessed by Jil Sander's shows and by androgyn models with kindly neat skin and  immaculately gelled hair in cotrast to it I liked crazy alcohol-bound parties where even people I didn't know actually were kindly welcomed, now my love to Jil Sander is still growing from show to show, but my attitude to patries has completely changed: a glass of red wine is more than enough, and there is no more than two people invited, me included. It's become a good tendancy, I guess, when only me and my closest friend is with me on this particular day.
I won't reveal his name, and I hope you don't mind that. I love him to bits and I respect his privacy. Besides, he's a 'serious' guy. 
I woke up early in the morning and immediately unpacked a parcel from my parents which had come earlier. Inside, there was a Nordland professional parka by Columbia (it's getting cold in here), two gorgeous embedded images of Jesus Christ, raspberry  fleece slippers, a knitwear piece by Sella (I'm not a fan, but this piece is really nice and pretty warm), and two pairs of woolen  trousers which my mom had bought in a real local fabric manifacture and trasformed them into cute slims which tenderly embrace my fat hairy legs like Tyra embraced  John back in 1994 for El Reed's lens on this shot. God, it was divine! Unpacking, I mean...
You better see my treasures yourself: 
I love the colour of these cute slippers

These manufactured trousers are super comfortable. Trust me. 

Sella knitwear piece is very nice and it reminds me of long lenghth pieces by increadible Rick Owens. I looove its' colour and that it's super long. It completely covers my butt. This piece is perfect  for sunny winter days in combination with a leather jacket both with leather biker pants I'm going to get soon.

My Grandma gave me a very touching  gift: two embedded images of Jesus Christ. I'm very touched, and I'll keep them till my last breath.

BTW, if you want, you could e-mail me to order your iconic image if you do like crafted work like I do. It's unique, besides, it's eternal. You'll have a part of me, coz my Granny is my beloved relative amongst the other members of my 'famille d'enfer'.
As for  the restaurant, my choice was 100% spontaneous. As my best friend (aka my best ex-boyfriend) doesn't live in Krasnodar, he was rather late, so when he phoned me I was shopping (I was buying an Amato Wear piece in a place and my first Ray-Bans in my entire life), he said he was about to be in the city center so I needed to hurry up. But I hadn't chosen a restaurant by that time yet. There I was trying to choose between  yellow and red version of the same piece (which was the most  important thing above all) you can see at the beginning of this post and to figure out what restaurant to choose, a barbecue place which is near the place I used to live came to my mind. Its name is 'Aristocrat' and I love it. They serve particularly Caucasian cuisine over there. This is my favourite cuisine I have to admit. And, besides, the place itself is awesome. There was a real full-length aquarium which covered the whole wall where we were sitting. There were also no people except us till we decided to leave the place to go to a karaoke  bar. The end of our magical evening was in my ex-boyfriend's apartment  in Krasnodar in front of a laptop screen. We were watching a biopic about a famous Russian wrestler - Ivan Poddoubny. Nicey.
Next day I was accepting congratulations from my former colleagues: they gifted me a very charming  bouquet of yellow flowers and a card with different signs on it. Here they are:

I immediately instagrammed these pics and put some hashtags below which were crying and begging for help from my favourite stylist - @zverevserg, and my favourite top model - @natasupernova - to join the congartulations. I had lost my charger for my  iPhone, so I haven't checked my Instagram yet, but I hope they'll be generous enough to spend just  seconds to show up with a post on their account where they are congratulating me. IMHO,  it would be nice and very kind of them. I'd die for that! Be sure! What else? I'm old. But being old means being wise. I hope I'm getting wiser & wiser. New  year starts for me with reaching another level which is higher than the previous one. I hope y'all be giving me support. I hope that after I had reached a milstone, a number of my friends and sponsors will be getting higher. And I hope that by the end of this year I'll at last have found the one and only Prince Charmig to take me far away, somehere  prosperous I have no idea of and let me live a Mr. Lagerfeld - esque life. Piece! 

P.S: Yesterday I made friends with a Turkish guy. I love Turkey! 

Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale

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