Natalia Vodianova is Glamour Woman of the year 2014: Congratulations,  Natalia! 

I'm crying while watching Nataly being on stage. IMHO, this woman deserves every prize and every award destined to a female human being who's fighting for rights of people 'with special needs'. She's inspiring many people all around the globe with her story, and her beauty is just a tool to make the world a better place. I'm happy that people with those tools exist. It's not an advertised content of mine! There is nothing promotional in every written word here. I'm absolutely natural when I'm dedicating my online speech to Nataly and such women of her kind like Ljubov Argus, a famous Russian film - maker who created a film about an autistic young guy who struggled for his life for other people's  blind eyes and ignorance of his problems. I'm sure that those people are monority, and  the mojority is much kinder and sensitive to other human's needs.  I think those two great women's deeds are of that type that money can't buy. They're actually Spider-women of our generation and I love them. They'll save the world!  I think you should  support their foundations: Naked Hearts by N. Vodyanova, and "Anton tut ryadom" by L. Arkus. I hope our eyes will will open face to the problems Nataly is speaking about. Piece! 

P. S; Is nataly wearing a Gucci piece or what? Answers on e-mail plz!

Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale

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