I'm absolutely sure that friends come and go. Once born we inevitably are destined to meet amazing people who put impact on our life. I used to have such people here and there, I'm so grateful to them having  come across my way. Most of the people you can see on-screen, I've already  lost track of them, but they're still in my mind and will stay there forever.  Oh those cherished dreams... . I miss you so much. And I feel so sorry for not being in touch with you anymore. If you are reading this right at the moment, please,  e-mail me. I love you. 

This is my 21st birthday, and we're all in my apartment in Arkhangelsk (my native town) playing "guess where you are in" game. The rules of the game are quite simple: there are small cards titled with the name of a place which is supposed to be the place you are in at the moment of the game (it can be whatever you wish, but the kinkier the place is  - the better, we chose such places as: 'crematorium', 'delivery room', 'WC' etc.). The thing is that the cards must be prepared beforehand and the contestants mustn't know the rules of the game yet. Either the odd man out prepares the card, or the participants, it doesn't really matter. The cards are placed next to each contestant who are indisposed to see these cards. . They choose an 'it' contestant each time. The other contestants must ask questions till the "it" person guesses the place where he/she is in. Enjoy the process. It's really funny.

I love y'all 
Maurice Chabale

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