Phone talk with a rep. from Just Cavalli corner in Krasnodar

Me: Hello. I'd like to precise information I got on about tomorrow's event you're organizing. What time is the event held. Is it a private event?
JC Rep: We are already opened. It's free. So, come.
Me: I'd like to take some shots. I'm a blogger and would like to write about the event (in my mind there was a line: for free!). Is  it possible?
JC Rep: What's your website's URL?
Me: I could send you the link.
JC: I'm just asking because there are some people who profit from counterfeiting us.
Me: No, please, stay calm. I'm not interested in that. You'll see after you check my blog.  I just want to come and write about the event. That's it!

A few hours later I texted her.

Me: Would you be so kind to tell me what time is better to come visit you?
JC Rep: Come, but no photos allowed. We also don't want to advertise on your website.

 P.S: What a rude betch! How dew think whether I should answer her back or not? 
It is her right, yes, to advertise or not to advertise on my website! I agree. But  I even didn't offer her the sh#t. It would cost her to advertise on my site! I just said in a very polite way that I wanted to visit their f#cking corner (coz I'm bored actually) and take a photo of myself holding a Cavalli bag. Is it too much? 

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