Queen AW 

Y'all probably don't know that being gay is not necessarily an equivalent of a mediocre chauvinism. I like women. I really like them especially if they are bee-queens of hilghly embellished,  of 100 % pure chic style. 
I was foaming with delight when staring at pictures posted on one of my favourite fashion resources - Buro 24/7 -   from recently finished high-profile events in NYC. If you haven't heard of them yet, let me remind you of Guggenheim International Gala Pre - Party (where you could get in by paying just 500$ for a VIP ticket) and Dior-sponsored gala dinner at Guggenheim (you can find the details on their website) where Anna Wintour was the chiccest lady, I bet. She also made a royal appearance at an event organized in honor of Celebrating Louis Vuitton Monogram Collection. The event was quite unusual: it was kind of a photoshoot designed by legendary photographer Patric Demacherlier specially for Instagram. I can't even decide where I like Anna more: with Raf Simons or with Nicolas Ghesquière?

Photos via Buro 24/7

P. S: I would die if I were Nicolas at that moment. Was he or Mr. Demacherlier telling her a dirty joke when she was shot to make her smile like that or what? Her smile is priceless as well as her necklaces (think I'm a fan), no?

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