Skillset's potluck party 

Many of you  are aware of my endless love to English men? , cocks??, men's  cocks???  -  language , of course! (kiddin'kiddin'kiddin'). Frankly speaking, I started this blog just because I wanted to try  my written skills in practice. To put my level of the language plebs isn't allowed to speak on the top if I may say so... (kiddin'kiddin'kiddin' again). Coz I'm 100% blebs and I'm still desperate to speak the language fluently. Maybe because I don't have an English speaking husband or I'm not living in America? 
So, chill! 
Initially the main reason was, of course, to find many  English-speaking friends all around the globe (I'm more successful in this field). Fashion polyglots, unite! Ha-ha, but I love you even if you don't speak the language which the hottest man living  on the surface of this f#cking planet - Prince -  God -  Bless  - Him - Coz - He - Has -  99, 9% - Huge - Cut - Cock -  Harry and many others whom mention I them all on this webpage, there won't be any more space for my further verbal diahrea. So, revenons a nos moutons as they say then! To the point, Maurice...Closer to the point!
I used to work in a place where the atmosphere was really special. I loved it very much. Actually this was my only nine-to-five job (in fact, it was six-to-eleven but who cares) and I'm excited about it. But everything seems better from a distance, you know and now I'm just working as a freelance consultant for the company! There were some huge advantages there, obviously. I don't regret anything! 
So lucky I was to be invited to Skillset's  potluck party which took place yesterday evening. Skillset - is a franchizing chain of English schools  which is very popular here in Russia. They have headquarters everywhere from St-Petersburg to Kolomna. For Russia it's very unusual. I'd bring my children to study English there if I had them, for sure, especially toddlers, because of the new techniques and approaches in teaching targeted to youngsters. 
So, I'd like to show you some videos taken on my new baby - phone whilst the show the teachers had prepared. I cdid my bit too.  My hands were terribly shaking because of all the crazy stuff which was going on there. I had hardly spit on the phone's touch screen twice or thrice coz  I giggled tirelessly here & there . 

On the video below you can see two participants of the contest I personally introduced. The rules are simple, so if you want to practice it at your friend's birthday party or somewhere else to entertain yourself and your friends, feel free to use this game coz it worked perfectly for us. 
Back to the rules: they are quite simple. A guide must prepare many cards with different situations on them (For ex., An old wealthy tranny is trying to seduce a toy boy, a divorced couple meets up in the street etc). The funnier the situations are - the more fun you'll have. Then the formely said guide chooses two contestants from a group in case there are several groups who participate. They choose a card and read the dialogue (which had been prepared by the guide beforehand too and given to them on the worksheets or sticked to the blackboard) in a way presented on their card. Have fun! If you like this video, follow my Instagram to see more videos for fun and giggles. There's an interesting video interpretation of a westernized fairy - tale - "Sleeping Beauty". 

Faithfully yours. 

Maurice Chabale

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