My Alanian winter holidays

Knit-wear by Sella, beanie by Ney Yorker, sun-glasses by H&M

When it just started to smell like a pre-Christmas orgy... Ok, let it be a more neutral term - a confusion...I started to panick, because I faced a real problem. To be exact I started to agonize over a problem of where to celebrate Christmas or  New Year 2015, and who with. All my filthy rich friends who are currently scattered all over the world had already had plans for the upcoming holidays. Forgive me not for not being as prudent as them. And this f#cking falling ruble came out of place too which made me cancel my flight to Egypt. My friend from Munich asked me to join him in mid-December, but I hadn't saved enough money beforehand so I couldn't go (Those d#aaan Germans won't approve your visa application if you don't have at least 50 euros per day on your bank account! That's an exorbitant price tag for me! I don't have a fat purse made in f#ckin Bavaria. Come on...). So I had already made peace with a fact that I was meeting this year alone, but thank God, my long forgotten lifesafers from the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania called me up just in time. 
Don't ask me why ther're 'long-forgotten', cause sh#t happens sometimes with everyone, you know and yadda yadda. 
They invited me to come and I agreed without thinking. 

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I immediately bought tickets via RZD. Frankly speaking, I hate trains,  but all the flights had been bought out by the time. So I said Okay, let it be train this time. Nothing to do. In fact the whole trip by train was not a disaster at all. I even liked it. GQ Russia and a box of sugared goober made it quite tolerable. The only thing which made me uncomfortable is that hot guys from Caucasus and their wives with children couldn't help but casting their glance at my super cool and super worn - out ENERGIE jeans while I was pushing my two ENORMOUS bags forward myself along the narrow passage. They were so enormous they could hardly ever see my face behind them.
That's good cause the shine from my lip gloss would make them blind. 
Lo and behold I arrived to Vladikavkaz yesterday morning. 
Next day my friends organized a journey to mountains for me. We rented a car and headed for Tsey, one of the main tourist centers in the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania where I stayed. 
The trip was quite long, but as I was too excited and fascinated by everything which I was looking at, time didn't matter. Finally, we arrived at a Scythian temple place named “Rekom”. It is situated on the territory of the Tsey gorge, in the lowland. 
Since I've been living in the Kuban where snow is as rare as hen's teeth, I was so excited to see it in the place. I started to behave like a child being so happy. Plus when we climbed up the mountain which is around 1800 meters high and where the view from the top is knock out, I was ready to die from being on cloud nine. 
Okay, now I'm going to shut up and let you see everything with your own eyes. Enjoy! 

To be continued....

I love y'all.

Maurice Chabale

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