New Year 2015 Wishlist

I dunno how about you, but I've prepared my personal wishlist for the upcoming 2015. I've collected the hottest things which I think are worth being purchased to treat an inner egoist who's living inside each person. We all deserve one of the things I'll sugges, don't we? Lets' get started with a perfume by incredible Rihanna who introduced her Rogue fragrance not so long time ago.

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I'm the last person one could imagine wearing jeans, but when I saw the jeans by a fashion designer from Krasnodar - Vitaly Shkrigunov - I fell in love with his denim line. Watch yourself. Rei Kavakubo, is that you?


I simply can not get rid of an idea to have a sheepskin coat. I guess this idea comes from a B-3 Bomber Burberry cropped sheepskim  jacket dated back a year ago. It's perfect when temperatures go below zero.
And I'd like to visit my native place. As far as you know I was born in Arkhangelsk, the place where Lomonosov comes from. I haven't seen my grandparents for ages, that's why I'd like to go to the land of everything frozen, brains included. JK. I wish I could go there. 

La love

Forever yours, 
Maurice Chabale

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