#1 COUTURE LOOK: Maurice Chabale's kaleidoscope

There are twelve designers who by the moment have shown their collections at  Paris Haute Couture 2015. 
So I decided to look over all of them and choose just one look (each provided with a short comment in brackets) from every collection in line and share my personal kaleidoscopic choice with you. I tried to take into consideration different tastes of my readers based on the statistics of my blog (geography, age etc.). And I also tried to be  objective as more as possible on the point of trends which in my humble opinion are going to reign this year. I hope my prediction will correlate somehow with your personal Couture wishlist. Guys, this is a barefaced hint on the fact that you'd better work your @sses off to get us one of these wonderful pieces, and I didn't include accessories here, so you owe me
I already feel the spirit of St. Valentine's Day in the air. All photos are courtesy of Vogue.ru. Thank you! 

 CHAPURIN (for those who stake on good ol' classics)

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MAISON MARGIELA (read my another post about this collection) - my favourite collection

ATELIER VERSACE (for those who prefer being naked rather than dressed up but still don't forget about manners)

SCHIAPARELLI (for those who revere traditions)

CHRISTIAN DIOR (for young and beautiful)

ULYANA SERGEENKO (for those who like experiments)

GIANBATISTA VALLI (if you're romantic to extremes)

ALEXIS MABILLE (if you want to get married this year)

YANINA (for girls who got used to getting what they want)

CHANEL (put all the previous comments together and send  them to Karl via Twitter, don't forget to add, that I would sell my soul just to shake his hand. In his honor I'm posting two looks from the collection. Thank you!)

BOUCHRA JARAR (for a rebelious b#tch inside you)

ARMANI PRIVé (I would like this dress to be a mix of rose gold and sparkling beige, but who am I to dictate his Majesty Monsieur Armani? Nonetheless, this collection is for those who have a moneybag  or a bag with money, pure chic which knows no limits)

P.S: Here's more pics  to follow the moment the fashion month will be finally over! Thank you for your attention. Sweet Couture-sque dreams to all of you! 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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