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If there's a slang word which beats both most popular emotional expressions in my poor Rushlish  - "OMFG (oh my f#cking god) and 'HS (holy sh#t) bear this word in mind cause I shall apply it to Rick Owens' Fall 2015 conceptual menswear collection. 
Just tell me what is that? I'd call it "When Gargantua & Pantagruel met Pier Paolo Pasolini: all translated into language of fashion".
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Don't get me wrong, not that I haven't seen a male's groin before. I've seen it more times than one could imagine (Just a joke!). I mean Rick Owens meant to shock,  I am shocked.
In other words, what to expect from a mere mortal aka MOI living in a country whose government regularly keeps grabbing its sane population to the insane hell  Medieval Age (in terms of morality)?! Come on, when I'm looking at this picture, I want to 'restore' my virginity!
 As Style.com reports,  -  the designer called his collection Sphinx. If THAT is Sphinx I am the 15th nameless child of Silvio Berlusconi.  
I guess the game called "Russian pseudo piety vs real American depravity" got out on the runaway. Hands off fashion, you f#gly bastards! 
 I think we all must thank Rick Owens for him letting us know how a top model's crotch looks like. Nonetheless, thanks God, the model's stick is not the only strong side of the collection. Had I had all the money in the world (read "a nabob"), I would have bought the following items: 

photo courtesy - gq.ru

photo courtesy - gq.ru

photo courtesy - gq.ru

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