Gay - friendly ad campaigns from powers that be Fashoin Houses: gotta love this!



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Firstly I saw an Instagram post on Bryan Boy's Instaline followed by a bold comment which would make Poop Pope Benedict XVI's  blush from shame (in case he reads it) for his over-opinionated point of view about gay marriage.  
The post itself collected a mad number of negative comments afterwards, that  I personally can't understand (because I 100 % support BB#I, not PB#XVI for his not speaking sotto voce about the topic which must be got to people especially here in Russia and in the United Emirates, or Africa where being gay can cost you your life), but this is another story. Secondly I saw a post on Katelovesme blog where Pelayo Diaz wrote about the new Tiffany & Co. engagement campaign featuring gay couple
Then there was a row to kick up on Istagram because of the LOEWE gay-friendly ad campaign. 
Despite of my negative attitude to such acts as one when powerful brands  use the  'gay theme' to fill their corporate bank accounts with cash  or rejuvenate their brand with the help of the 'burning subject' which  doubtlessly brings them more money than ever, I liked both Loewe and Tiffani & Co ad campaigns. 
If you ask me, I would say that it's right to fund LGBT friendly  organisations such as The Victory Fund, LGF, M·A·C AIDS FundAFEW, AHF , SPID FOND-VOSTOKAids Fund Philly, ChildrensAidsFund or some other charity organisations which aim to help LGBT community. 
Then I googled some more photos of the same kind. Which is your favourite, I wonder? 

                        Will You  engagement ad campaign by Tiffani & Co (photo via )

The Ray-Ban ad was shot as part of the 75th anniversary campaign (Photo via Ray-Ban)

A gay friendly “Be Bright” campaign featured by American retail chain Gap
(photo via Twitter @votaw)

(Photo via New York Times)
Banana Republic presented a series of advertisements that happen to include a gay couple - Nate Berkus and his partner Jeremiah Brent.

                                              Barneys featured transgenders in Spring 2014 (photo via

Urban Outfitters (Image via Urban Outfitters)

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